#BBCtrending: The Smelly One, Baggy Eyes... it's #SomaliNicknames

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There are thousands of people tweeting using the hashtag #SomaliNicknames. What's all the fuss about?

Somalis love nicknames. And their nicknames are - to put it bluntly - pretty blunt.

White Hair, No Fingers, Chipped Tooth and Big Bottom, are all popular ones.

The hashtag #SomaliNicknames was first used on Twitter four years ago (the first tweet read: "Goatboy: Because he talks fast and sounds like a goat at times.")

It's been lying largely dormant since then, but has made a spectacular comeback in the last couple of days, with more than 6,000 tweets - from Somalia, the UK, the US and elsewhere.

Here is a selection of some of the nicknames doing the rounds on Twitter:

Shiiraaye - The Smelly One

Ilka koronto - Electric teeth

Indho Buluc - Baggy eyes

Tima Cadde - Grey hair

Ayaan CNN - "because she talks too much"

Ali Fork - "because his front teeth are far apart"

Ayaan timaa riif riif - Ayaan kinky hair

Hafsa Caadey - Hafsa Fair One

Hassan Habeenimo - Hasan Night

Abdi Roast Meat - "beacuse he got caught eating the Christmas dinners"

Abdullahi BMW (Balaayo Madax Weyn) - Abdullahi Trouble with a Big Head

Leyla Lugooyo - Leyla "who cuts the legs from beneath you" (someone who is devious or unreliable)

For more on the background to Somali nicknames, see Justin Marozzi's From Our Own Correspondent.

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