#BBCtrending: Nick v Nigel Europe debate

A debate about Britain's future in Europe was the big talking point on Twitter in the UK on Wednesday.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg and UKIP leader Nigel Farage battled it out for an hour in a debate moderated by the BBC.

This was the second time the men came face to face for a live televised discussion on the subject of EU membership. Last week, they took part in a debate hosted by London radio station LBC.

Our reporter Anne-Marie Tomchak reports on the build up on social media ahead of the debate.

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As the debate got underway at 19.00bst on Wednesday, hashtags about the event trended in the UK including #EuropeDebate, #NickvNigel and #bbcdebate.

Words relating to the topics raised during the debate also trended including 'migration' and 'Vladimir Putin'.

Twitter users also took the opportunity to joke about a remark made by BBC host David Dimbleby. "I want to turn to Nick Fararge," said Mr Dimbleby. "It's Nigel actually," replied Farage. Within minutes 'Nick Farage' was trending in the UK.

Anne-Marie Tomchak monitored how the debate played out on social media.

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The BBC covered the debate extensively on it's social media platforms including live tweets from the @BBCPolitics Twitter page and updates on BBC News Facebook and Google Plus pages.