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Here at #BBCtrending we spot social media trends from all over the world. Here are some we have noticed - can you tell us more about them? Tweet us @BBCtrending.

On Monday, the Israeli Defence Forces conducted a defence drill in schools across the country, and uploaded a photo to their Facebook page showing a female soldier instructing school children. The message accompanying the photo (pictured) read: "When I enter the classroom, I know I am preparing tomorrow's citizens for the next war". The photo seemed to spark a debate on Facebook with some users questioning the phrase "the next war". The IDF has since spoken about it saying: "The photo does not try to promote the IDF in schools but to provide safety instructions."

The #BBCtrending team found something very close to home trending on YouTube earlier today - a blooper shot of a BBC news reader and an awkward camera slip has now got over 400,000 views. We put in a call to the BBC Press Office, who told us: "A technical error on BBC Look North Hull yesterday resulted in the camera tilting away from reporter Caroline Bilton before the end of the bulletin." And they reassure us that "the problem has now been resolved".

In Ukraine we spotted a Facebook post that was widely shared on Tuesday, with disturbing pictures that claim to show the remains of people who died when Kiev's Trade Union House on Independence Square caught fire during an operation by police in the early hours of 19 February. The post also carries a plea: "Next time you give someone a bribe, turn a blind eye to police lawlessness, or are too lazy to go to the polls, or vote without thinking - for a moment, close your eyes and remember these photos."

As reported elsewhere on the BBC, a Chinese general recently claimed the smog in the country was a means of defence against US laser weapons. Chinese social media users have been sharing sarcastic comments about this on the Sina Weibo platform. "Let's just forget about bringing the smog under control - for the sake of the homeland," says one. "It turns out producing smog is an act of patriotism. Did you know?" said another.

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