#BBCtrending radio: Flappy Bird fever and other top trends

Listen to the latest #BBCtrending radio with Mukul Devichand Image copyright Getty Images

In the latest #BBCtrending radio, the team have been looking at how Flappy Bird - a highly addictive computer game recently launched by a programmer in Vietnam - came to trend globally across social media.

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Media captionListen to the latest #BBCtrending radio with Mukul Devichand

Also on the programme, Russians hit back at the hashtag #Sochiproblems, why a cleric in Saudi Arabia accused football fans of taking their support too far, and how social media forced an "unprecedented" apology from Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

Mukul Devichand is joined in the studio by Lina Rozovskaya, Camelia Sadeghzadeh, Sumaya Bakhsh and Mike Wendling.

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