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This week we asked what was trending on social networks where you are? Loads of you responded with suggestions for us to report on and we selected five for this video.

Every day our colleagues across the BBC let us know what's happening on social media where they're based. Here are a few examples of tips we received this week:

Surreal Rio

In Brazil, a Facebook page called Rio $urreal has attracted 125,000 followers since being set up on 17 January. Its aim is to raise awareness about the high prices charged by bars, restaurants and other shops in Rio de Janeiro. The page's creators are asking people to boycott establishments that charge "abusive" prices and followers submit pictures of offending menus.

Brazilian artist Patricia Kalil was inspired to create a satirical new currency featuring the face of Salvador Dali. It's called the "$urreal" in mocking reference to the name of Brazil's currency, real.

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Putin's Olympic inspections

A video mocking high-profile inspections in the 2014 Winter Olympics host town of Sochi is currently trending in Russia and has been watched more than 1.7 million times. Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared in full ski gear on state TV inspecting Olympic venues and skiing down the Sochi slopes. The spoof video shows Putin tumbling down the snow while giving the thumbs up.


In June 2013, Uefa expelled Fenerbahce for two years after judging that club officials helped fix matches to win the 2011 Turkish league title. Fans of Trabzonspor - who finished second to Fenerbahce - have started the #TrabzonNotTurkey hashtag and replaced their profile photos with other nations' flags to demand they be awarded the championship.

Ukraine Facebook profiles

After two protestors were killed in Kiev, some people have been changing their profile pictures on Facebook to black squares.

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