#BBCtrending: A puppet, the quenelle and the Penguin Dance...

The BBC Trending team and colleagues doing Gangnam Style, The Penguin Dance and the Harlem Shake

Can a puppet be a terrorist? On the latest #BBCtrending radio, Mukul Devichand speaks to Abla Fahita, an Egyptian puppet accused of being involved in a terror plot (this is the full length interview - see her in action in our video).

We also look at the controversial arm gesture, the quenelle. It's seen as anti-Semitic by many - but defended as a powerful anti-establishment symbol by the thousands posting images of themselves using it.

And what on earth is the Penguin Dance - and how do viral dance crazes spread? See behind the scenes as the #BBCtrending team and colleagues tear up the studio in a demo.

With Matt Danzico, Mai Noman and Estelle Doyle in the studio.

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Media caption"Humour is a universal thing": Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita is a guest on our latest radio show

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