#BBCtrending radio: Would you buy fake followers online?

Some of the BBC Trending team lined up behind presenter Mukul Devichand for this piece about fake followers
Image caption Presenter Mukul Devichand and some of the BBC Trending team out shooting a video on fake followers

Getting people to follow or add you on social media takes time and effort. Our radio programme this week asks "Is there an easier way?" And is it legal?

Mukul Devichand interviews a man who supplies "bots" - software routines that artificially create trends or boost follower numbers using fake identities.

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Media captionMeet the man who sells fake followers for a living

It's a legal grey area - not a crime, but a violation of the terms of service of Twitter and other social networks.

But is there a moral dimension to acquiring fake followers? We meet a man who bought thousands of them, lost them, and now suffers from deep pangs of regret.

Also featuring David Cuen, social media editor for BBC World Service, in the studio.

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