Newspaper headlines: PM 'turned blind eye' and Charles honours claim

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The Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Telegraph lead on claims that Boris Johnson was aware of allegations about Chris Pincher's sexual conduct before he gave him the job of deputy chief whip.

According to the Telegraph, another senior whip at the time, Craig Whittaker, resigned in protest over the appointment.

Downing Street has said it was not aware of any specific claims before the appointment was made.

The Mail says there is growing concern in Downing Street that the scandal could lead to a by-election in Mr Pincher's Tamworth constituency.

The paper says many Tory MPs are applying intense pressure for him to be stripped of his seat.

A report in the Sunday Mirror says the prime minister was warned twice of sexual misconduct claims - first by his MPs and then by MPs' staffers.

One of the men accusing Mr Pincher of touching him inappropriately on Wednesday has spoken to the Sunday Times.

He said the incident left him "furious" and "shell-shocked".

The alleged victim also said he was even more angry about the way Downing Street dealt with the situation.

The Observer leads on the decision by the National Audit Office to conduct a "value for money review" looking into the government's claim that 40 new hospitals will be built by 2030.

The paper says the watchdog is concerned that many of the new facilities will be extensions or refurbishments of existing hospitals.

Both the Observer and the Sun on Sunday have been briefed on new plans by the prime minister's opponents within his party to unseat him - even though he won a vote of confidence last month, and under existing rules now cannot be challenged for a year.

The Sun says the rules could be amended to allow another vote sooner, if 90 MPs send letters of no confidence.

In a joint article for the Sun, Mr Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak say they will announce business tax cuts and further reforms in the autumn.

They say the measures will encourage companies to "invest more, train more and innovate more", which will lead to higher growth.

On its front page the Sunday Express says a battle is under way in the Cabinet with ministers urging Mr Johnson and Mr Sunak to cut people's taxes now, rather than closer to the next election.

A government source told the paper that voters would remember if the Conservatives helped them out with tax cuts now, as they face the rising cost of living.

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The Sunday Times reports that Prince Charles gave an honour to a Conservative peer after allegedly accepting millions of pounds in donations from him.

According to the paper, Lord Brownlow allegedly spent £1.7 million "bailing out" Prince Charles' "failed eco-village".

Clarence House said chairpersons of charities closely associated with the royal family were often appointed to the Royal Victorian Order to thank them for their public service.

The paper says Lord Brownlow did not respond to a request for comment.

And finally the Attorney General, Suella Braverman, tells the Telegraph that some civil servants are resisting post-Brexit reforms because they cannot imagine "life outside of the EU".

She says the UK has a great opportunity to peel back onerous rules and bureaucracy inherited from the EU.