Newspaper headlines: 'Buy Christmas gifts early', and EU's Brexit offer

By BBC News

Image source, PA Media
Image caption, The UK says the current Northern Ireland Protocol imposes too many barriers, and the EU says it has caused problems for businesses

The Guardian says Brussels is "preparing for the worst" amid signs that Boris Johnson will reject yesterday's proposals from the EU on how to resolve the row about trade in Northern Ireland.

It says chances of a compromise appear low, because of British insistence that the European Court of Justice must not have an oversight role.

The online Independent says the UK is maintaining its "hard line stance" about the court.

The Financial Times says some British officials were "taken aback" by the scale of the EU's move, but they warn the devil will be in the detail.

It says Brussels has insisted this latest offer on the Northern Ireland Protocol is also its final offer.

But there are positive signs too. The Daily Telegraph thinks Britain could compromise on the court issue, after Lord Frost said he would enter talks without any "red lines".

The Times says both sides appear ready to go the extra mile for an agreement. Its editorial urges Boris Johnson to take the chance to get a deal, and not subject consumers and businesses to more uncertainty.

The Irish Times quotes a diplomat as saying "there was blood on the floor" at the European Commission as a result of arguments about the offer - but it says reluctant member states such as France were won over by framing the package as a love letter to the people of Northern Ireland, rather than a concession to British brinkmanship.

Festive fears

The focus for the Daily Mirror is what it calls the "rush to save Christmas".

It says the supply chain issues have led to problems with Elf on the Shelf toys, iPhone computer chips, and festive food delivery slots.

The Daily Express says its readers are being urged to "get their skates on" and buy presents early. It says stores are now launching their Christmas sales a month sooner than planned.

The Sun reports that supermarkets are disguising empty shelves by filling them with random items which they do have in stock - including salad cream and cooking oil.

The Daily Mail declares victory in its campaign to get GPs in England to hold more face-to-face consultations.

It says a new plan put forward by the Health Secretary Sajid Javid - which provides millions of pounds to improve patient access - will be a godsend for an anxious public.

The Daily Telegraph says surgeries which fail to offer enough in-person appointments will be "named and shamed", while the Times says millions more patients will be sent to see pharmacists, in order to free up doctors for consultations.

Writing in the Daily Mirror, the head of the Royal College of GPs Martin Marshall says it is demoralising to be told constantly you are not doing enough. He urges politicians and the media to recognise the stresses on family doctors.

And the 90-year-old actor William Shatner is on many front pages, after his trip to the fringes of space.

The Sun offers "Captain Kirk" congratulations on going to space at last, while the Express says his thrill ride should inspire older citizens. "Star's Trek" is the paper's headline.

The Guardian is one one of many to opt for: "to oldly go".