Newspaper headlines: 'Tax rise for 25m' and 'dithering' over booster jabs

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Both the Daily Telegraph and the Times lead on what they say are government plans to increase taxes to pay for social care.

The Telegraph says Boris Johnson will announce a rise in national insurance for 25 million people next week, in breach of a manifesto pledge.

It describes the proposal as "the biggest overhaul in social care funding for a generation".

The paper also says it is a major political gamble for Mr Johnson - but will mean a cap on the amount an individual will ever pay in social care costs and better protect people from having to sell their homes to meet care bills.

The Times has a similar main story but concentrates on what it says is a cabinet split.

It reports that Health Secretary Sajid Javid has pushed for a national insurance rise of 2%, while five senior ministers are said to be opposed to any increase.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is said to be against any rise higher than 1%. Unnamed sources tell the paper the discussion is still "live" just days before the announcement.

The Guardian reports a claim that Britain and its allies have "no coherent plan" to deal with Afghan refugees.

In a speech to a think tank, the former cabinet secretary, Lord Sedwill warned that the airlift from Kabul only helped "relatively small numbers" and greater pressures will emerge as people flee the Taliban over land borders.

He also told the Policy Exchange event that the Taliban's victory would "undoubtedly fuel extremism and terrorism worldwide, whether or not it was directed from there".

Several papers continue to discuss the vaccine rollout across the UK. The i reports that regulators are moving closer to approving vaccines for younger teens in the UK, after new evidence from the US showed the risks were smaller than previously thought.

It adds that the NHS has begun preparing schools to administer jabs for 12 to 15-year-olds.

The Daily Express says millions of over-50s will start getting booster jabs within weeks. But both the Daily Mirror and the Sun express frustration that scientists are yet to approve vaccinations for both these age groups.

The Mirror says experts fear an autumn wave of Covid cases and asks: "What's the hold up?"

The Sun has the headline: "More jabbing, less jabber!"

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Countries including the Netherlands have already started vaccinating younger teenagers

The new criminal offence for pet abduction is the lead for the Daily Mail. It says that dognappers could be jailed for seven years in what it calls a crackdown on the "heartless trade" in stolen animals.

The Financial Times has a warning about higher winter fuel bills. It reports fears from Centrica, the owners of British Gas, of soaring prices caused by a "global supply crunch".

The FT says natural gas prices are already at record levels for the time of year, raising fears providers will be unable to fill their storage facilities.

And nearly every front page carries pictures of the reformed Abba wearing the motion capture suits they will use for their stage show - to appear as their younger selves.

"Here they go again" is the most common song-inspired caption, with the Guardian calling them "super troupers". The Daily Mail says: "Look who's Bjorn again".