Newspaper headlines: 'Labour in turmoil' as PM 'eyes decade in power'

By BBC News

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Boris Johnson with an inflatable figure depicting him in the background

The prime minister appears on many of the front pages with a giant blimp version of himself inflated in Hartlepool to mark the Conservative by-election triumph.

"The day Boris blew up Labour" is the Daily Mail's take.

The Times says Boris Johnson is preparing for a decade in power, quoting one Cabinet minister who says he could go on longer than Lady Margaret Thatcher.

The Sun says the biggest threat to Mr Johnson - in England anyway - is Mr Johnson.

It tells the PM he cannot rest and must now deliver on his promises.

The results have left Labour in turmoil, according to the Guardian's main headline.

Party sources tell the paper that leader Sir Keir Starmer could move party headquarters out of London to show that Labour represents the whole country.

In the Yorkshire Post's view, Labour has lost touch with its northern roots and lacks a positive agenda of aspiration.

Writing in the paper, the former home secretary, Lord David Blunkett, warns his party that "profound seismic shifts in the political landscape require something more than a whinge".

The Daily Mirror argues that Labour can still have a proud future - "despite last night's mauling" - if it rallies together.

The Daily Express credits a "Brexit bounce" for the Conservative victories but the Financial Times thinks it was all about vaccines.

The FT says celebrations have been muted as Downing Street waits to see the strength of the pro-independence vote in Scotland.

The prospect of a second referendum is the focus of the Daily Telegraph, which sums up the UK government's strategy for countering it as "saying no for now".

The Scottish edition of the Times says Nicola Sturgeon has vowed to hold a referendum and will "face down" the prime minister - though it adds her hopes of an overall majority appear to be fading.

The National, which supports Scottish independence, declares that the yes campaign is "on track", despite what it calls "desperate Unionist tactical voting".

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Portugal is one of just four European countries on the government's green list

It is fair to say the Daily Star is disappointed by the 12 destinations named on the government's "green list" - which indicates which trips abroad from England will be allowed from 17 May without the need to self-isolate on return.

"When they said we could go on holiday we were thinking sunny Spain," it complains, "not the bleedin' Falklands."

The Guardian points out that South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - which also made the list - are only accessible by sea and there is no visitor accommodation.

But the Daily Mirror speaks of "joy" that Portugal got the green light, and says a "holidays scramble" is under way as people rush to book.

"Dust off that suitcase" is the advice from the Mail.

Finally, the Times reports that listening to jazz can nudge people into choosing healthier food.

Researchers in Denmark and China found that people were more likely to pick fresh fruit instead of a donut if they were played a bit of Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis.

But when they were made to listen to some heavy rock or hip-hop, the volunteers in the study opted for fattier, saltier, and more sugary options.

The scientists behind the study recommend a relaxing soundtrack for anyone seeking to ditch burgers for salad.