Newspaper headlines: Digital travel passes and 'prayers for Philip'

By BBC News

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image captionPrince Philip, pictured last summer, was admitted to hospital on 16 February

Many of the front pages focus on the Duke of Edinburgh being transferred to a specialist heart hospital.

"Prayers For Philip" is the Daily Mirror's headline, with the paper claiming the development caused "a shift" in the mood of senior royals.

The Daily Telegraph quotes a Buckingham Palace aide, saying the Royal Family now has "more important things to worry about" than Prince Harry and Meghan's upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Sun's front page appeals directly to the Duke of Sussex to delay the broadcast of the show in the US next weekend out of respect for his grandfather's condition.

The Times reports that people in the UK will be allowed to use the EU's planned Covid vaccine passport scheme.

It says the so-called "digital green pass" will also hold data on recent test results, raising the prospect that unvaccinated people may be able to go on European summer holidays if they've recently tested negative.

Shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds has confirmed in the Guardian that Labour would support a gradual increase to corporation tax over the course of this Parliament.

Writing ahead of Wednesday's Budget, Ms Dodds said immediate hikes shouldn't be considered as the economy recovers from the impact of the pandemic, but that she was "open minded" about future increases.

The Financial Times says Chancellor Rishi Sunak will reveal plans to relax trading regulations to help the City of London recover its position as Europe's leading shares hub.

Amsterdam has overtaken London since the turn of the year, with many financial services companies shifting activities there following the end of the Brexit transition period.

The paper reports that Mr Sunak hopes the new rules will create a more "agile" oversight that firms will find attractive.

The Daily Mail claims that Boris Johnson is attempting to set up a charity to pay for the upkeep of Downing Street, following reports that the Cabinet Office refused to fund expensive renovations ordered by the prime minister's fiancee.

The plan is thought to have been inspired by a trust overseen by the US first lady that funds the maintenance and redecoration of the White House.

The paper says the scheme's official purpose will be to preserve the building on heritage grounds, but that it could prompt conflict of interest concerns.

The Daily Express reports that we may be a lot closer to our Neanderthal ancestors than previously thought.

Experts from a Spanish university recreated a caveman's ear from fossil samples and found it contained advanced hearing qualities covering the full range of sounds we use.

The study also discovered the existence of a bone in their necks which is crucial to speaking, as well as other evidence that suggests they engaged in activities such as painting, making music and decorating jewellery.

And finally, the front page of the Daily Star says the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has come up with what it calls the "best excuse ever" for not doing household chores.

It runs quotes from his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, saying she does all the housework and cooking because of fears he might get injured.