Newspaper headlines: 'We're past the peak' and applause for Capt Tom

By BBC News

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Hannah Ingram-Moore, Captain Sir Tom's daughter, and her family joined in the applause

Pictures of Captain Sir Tom Moore's family and NHS staff joining the national applause for him last night are on many of the front pages.

It was, the Daily Mirror says, the "nation's thank you". There are many calls for a fitting memorial to what the Daily Star calls one of Britain's finest heroes.

The Sun suggests renaming a hospital after the NHS fundraiser - or better still, it adds, a new one built in his memory.

The Daily Mail wants a statue, and highlights Boris Johnson's support for one. The Times thinks that's an excellent idea. As for where it should go, it says the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square might welcome a lasting, uncontroversial adornment after years of temporary and often contentious displays.

The papers seize on the news that 10 million people have now received their first Covid jab. "Ten million reasons to be thankful", is the Sun's main headline. For the i newspaper, it's a milestone to lift the spirits.

In the Daily Mail's words, it's remarkable to think that only a few short weeks ago, Britain was in the depths of despair. Then, there seemed no way out of the grim Covid tunnel, it says.

Now, as the Daily Express declares, victory over this disease is at hand.

In the Daily Telegraph's view, the vaccine must now be the route out of lockdown. This needs to be the moment when science is no longer used as the justification for continuing controls, but the way to let us live normally again, it adds.

The Financial Times says the clear success of the UK's vaccine rollout and the contrast with EU missteps on its scheme leave the Conservatives increasingly confident that the government will emerge from the pandemic far stronger than its numerous errors should permit.

The Daily Telegraph says the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, fears that scientific advisers are "moving the goalposts" on the requirements for ending lockdown amid growing frustration within the government over the issue.

It says Mr Sunak is concerned that the original target of protecting the NHS and saving lives has been replaced with a focus on getting infection numbers down, potentially delaying the lifting of restrictions.

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak believes scientists are "moving the goalposts" over ending lockdown

Government sources have pointed out that case numbers will become less important if the vaccination programme means the virus no longer causes deaths or serious illness, the paper adds.

For its lead, the Guardian says the NHS has been urged to provide higher-level protective equipment for staff on general wards.

This is after new research suggested that coughing by Covid patients was putting staff at far greater risk of catching the virus than previously thought. The paper says the study found that coughing generated at least 10 times more infectious "aerosol" particles than speaking or breathing, which could explain why so many NHS staff have fallen ill.

The Times has seen a Whitehall memo setting out plans for new carbon taxes and charges - under which, the paper says, consumers face higher prices for meat, cheese and gas heating.

It reports that the prime minister has ordered every Whitehall department to produce a "price" for carbon emissions across all areas of the economy, as part of a drive to achieve his net-zero carbon pledge.

At present, only heavy industry, power generators and airlines are charged for their carbon emissions, the paper adds.

Finally, the most expensive cow in Europe is featured widely. The one-year-old Limousin heifer sold at auction for a record £262,000.

The Times says she caught the attention of bidders in Carlisle with her genetic qualities - boasting a larger loin depth and greater meat tenderness.

According to the Daily Telegraph, breakthroughs in IVF mean that heifers are no longer looked down upon by breeders as they can now potentially have hundreds of offspring - and as such their value has soared.

This one is named Poshspice - after the former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. And the Sun says she's proved she has girl power.