Newspaper headlines: 'New dawn for America' as Joe Biden takes over

By BBC News


"A Day of History... a Day of Hope," declares the Daily Mirror, which carries a photograph showing Joe Biden fist-bumping his vice-president, Kamala Harris.

Images from the inauguration also fill the other front pages.

The Daily Telegraph and the Financial Times picture Joe Biden with his hand raised to swear allegiance.

In the Times and the Metro he is kissing his wife, Jill; and the i and the Guardian have him gesticulating during his speech.

Image source, EPA

And many papers select quotes from the address for their headlines.

The FT, Guardian and Independent website all opt for "Democracy has prevailed."

"End this uncivil war" is the choice of the Daily Telegraph and "Time for Unity" the Times.

'Surreal send off'

The Financial Times notes there was "no fanfare" for the departing leader, saying his presidency was "over with a whimper".

Image source, Reuters

The Sun says as the Republican "scuttled out" and "the world sighed in relief".

But the Wall Street Journal is concerned that he cast his political opponents as racist. This "moral condescension" the Journal argues, was what created "the political opening" for Mr Trump.

USA Today suggests his speech was one of "tough love" but concludes he may offer the balm the nation needs.

It is a belief echoed by the New York Times which says it is worth celebrating that a decent experienced public servant who cares about improving people's lives is now leading America.

Elsewhere, the Daily Telegraph reports hotel groups have begun holding talks with government officials about using their facilities to quarantine people arriving in the UK. A Whitehall source has told the paper "early discussions" have been held, in case the policy is adopted.

Queue jumping

The Daily Mail reports on a loophole in an online vaccination booking system that has allowed some people who are not eligible for the Covid-19 jab to jump the queue.

It says a website being used by some NHS Trusts does not ask for proof of an official NHS letter. Attendees are now being asked to show their eligibility on arrival.

Image source, Reuters

And the Times says that the Doctors Association UK has raised concerns with ministers about ensuring the jab's second doses are given by 12 weeks.

The Financial Times reports that the over-50s travel group Saga has the full support of its customers over its decision to insist they are vaccinated against coronavirus before joining their cruises. The company carried out a survey of 2,000 of its clients last week which showed that 98% were in favour of making inoculations compulsory.

One passenger booked for a cruise in October tells the Daily Mail: "I feel much better knowing everyone will have had the vaccination."

A study by Oxford University has found that adolescents can catch moods from their friends, and the negative ones are more contagious. But the depressed teenager apparently feels better after bringing their friends down.

One of the researchers asks in the Guardian whether perhaps, in these Covid times, if everyone is struggling, is it emotionally risky to connect with others and potentially catch their mood?