Newspaper headlines: Tory revolt over tiers and Scotch eggs with beers

By BBC News

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image captionPrime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a rebellion over his coronavirus restrictions plans, the papers say

"Secret dossier on Covid damage" is the lead in the Times. The paper says it's been told about a document prepared by officials across Whitehall - which gives an in-depth analysis of how much harm the pandemic will do to around 40 areas of the economy. It quotes a minister saying the dossier, known as an "impacts dashboard", contains "a lot of detail" - none of which was in the official impact assessment published by the government on Monday.

The opinion column of the Daily Mirror believes that the vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi, could be "onto something" - with his suggestion that people might in future only be allowed into hospitality and entertainment venues in England, if they've had the coronavirus jab.

It says the idea might sound controversial - but makes more sense when you think how much it would protect "family, neighbours, friends, workmates and strangers". The Mail leads on the same story, with the headline: "No jab? You're barred".

The Guardian reports that Boris Johnson is "scrambling" to contain a Conservative rebellion, in this afternoon's Commons vote on new coronavirus restrictions.

Its leader argues that the prime minister may well be able to secure enough backing - but "the price of Tory party unity will be the credibility of the government's strategy".

The Daily Telegraph thinks the measures will be approved - but Mr Johnson's authority will be "hugely dented". It suggests the analysis of the impact of the new system of tiers, published by ministers on Monday, was "ridiculed by Tory MPs". Its opinion column describes the document as "disappointing and thin" - and says it's "hardly likely" to assuage concerns.

In its leader, The Express accepts that Tuesday's vote is going to be "difficult" for the government. But it goes on to say that - whatever happens - the absolute priority must be to avoid a third lockdown.

"Stamp duty stampede propels mortgage market to thirteen year high" is the headline on the front of the Financial Times.

It reports that the rush to buy homes - during the current stamp duty holiday - drove mortgage approvals in October to their highest level since 2007.

One expert is quoted saying the housing market is "defying economic logic". But another believes there could be a "partial reversal" of the surge in prices after March next year - when normal stamp duty rates kick back in.

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image captionThere has been debate in the papers about whether a Scotch egg is a substantial meal

Finally, there is much debate on the issue of bar snacks. The Sun's headline is "10 pints of lager and a scotch egg please". It's a reference to Monday's suggestion,by Environment Secretary George Eustice - that ordering a Scotch egg might be enough to satisfy new Covid restrictions, requiring pubs in tier two areas of England to serve a "substantial meal" with drinks.

Under the headline "beyond a yolk", the Daily Mail quotes Dawn Hopkins - the landlady of the Rose Inn in Norwich - who says nobody knows whether they will get into trouble for serving up a Scotch egg as a meal.

The paper's cartoonist, Pugh, depicts a family sitting down to a box of the snacks for their Christmas lunch. One of them is saying: "This year I thought we'd skip the turkey and have something more substantial."