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Newspaper headlines: 'Tis the season to be jolly careful' and Oxford vaccine news

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There is a mixture of hope and resignation as the papers welcome the success of the Oxford vaccine trials, but warn that the new system of regional tiers in England will bring more restrictions in the coming months.

The Daily Mirror's headline reflects the prime minister's message: "Harsh winter... brighter spring". For the Daily Mail, it is "Vaccine cheers ... but first the tiers".

The Guardian says there is good reason for optimism, but it is a long way from being over yet. "Four months to freedom", the Sun declares.

'Lockdown by stealth'

Several papers use as their main headline, Boris Johnson's warning that families should remain cautious over the Christmas period: "Tis the season to be jolly careful".

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Johnson is coming under intense pressure to reserve top tier restrictions for only the very worst affected areas as MPs complain of a "lockdown by stealth". It says calls are growing for London to be put in the lowest level.

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The return of limited numbers of fans to live sports events in low infection areas is widely welcomed. The Daily Mail's chief sports writer, Martin Samuel, says it is a step, a baby step, but a step towards normality.

Oliver Brown - his counterpart at the Telegraph- says that after the absurd scenes of fans compelled to watch matches in pubs or cinemas next to empty stadiums, a semblance of common sense has prevailed.

The Times reports that one government official has expressed confidence that music festivals and other mass events will be back next summer. It quotes the official as saying: "I'm booking my Wimbledon tickets".

The former Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson, is the latest senior Tory figure to express opposition to plans to cut the international aid budget.

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Writing in the Times, she says that barely a week after a big defence spending announcement arguing that Global Britain had been in retreat for too long - and pledging to better shoulder our global defence responsibilities - that same Global Britain turns around and says we'll walk away from our humanitarian and development ones. "Politically, I can't think of worse mixed messaging to the world", she says.

Black Friday deals 'not real discounts'

As Black Friday approaches, shoppers are being warned not to fall for big discounts. The Daily Telegraph reports that a study by the consumer watchdog Which? suggests many goods sold at lower prices are not genuine deals.

It found that nearly nine in 10 Black Friday bargains last year were cheaper or the same price in the six months before.

Natalie Hitchins, of Which?, tells the Daily Mirror: "With many of us stuck at home this Black Friday, it might be tempting to scour the sales for a bargain, but you could get the same deal or an even better one at another time".