Newspaper headlines: 'History calls' as Biden 'prepares for victory'

By BBC News

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"Biden ready for power," declares the i's headline, saying the Democrat contender for US president has "one foot in the door."

Meanwhile, the Times suggests "History calls", as it reports on what it calls "America's agonisingly slow count."

The Daily Express pictures President Donald Trump delivering his unsubstantiated claims about vote rigging, but the photo's focus is on the White House's Exit sign.

The Daily Mirror insists the election battle is over in its headline "Beaten, Fair and Square."

The Daily Telegraph highlights the Biden campaign's warning to Donald Trump that they would kick "trespassers" out of the White House.

The Wall Street Journal suggests that the president's advisers are urging him to prepare for defeat.

Elsewhere, health experts warn in the Guardian that the mass Covid-19 testing pilot which has begun in Liverpool risks being "an expensive mess that does more harm than good."

The Independent's website also raises possible pitfalls. It says there are concerns about the accuracy of the tests with a faster turnaround, saying a smaller trial of such tests in Salford identified only half of those infected. The paper raises doubts about the uptake of the voluntary exercise.

'Final chance'

Officials suggest work on the body, known for the moment as Crown Consultancy, is at a relatively early stage. The aim is to recruit graduates on lower salaries and save some of the £2.6bn spend on consultancies in the past four years.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that Boris Johnson's planned talks with the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, may offer the prime minister's "final chance" to reach a trade deal after the transition period.

The Independent points out that Downing Street has played down the prospect of any breakthrough, saying their phone call was a chance to "take stock" of the situation.

The family of first known Briton to have caught coronavirus speak to the Daily Mail about their fear that they will never know the truth about how he died.

Connor Reed who spoke to the media about having Covid-19 in Wuhan before it was locked down was found dead in his room at Bangor University last month.

His father tells the Mail that he was clear of the virus and thinks suicide was unlikely. He says the post-mortem examination was inconclusive.

'Rich boy's playground'

Finally, farmers raise concerns in the Daily Telegraph about plans to rewild parts of Exmoor National Park.

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image captionA plan to leave more of Exmoor unmanaged has not met with universal approval

They say they have not been consulted fully about a proposal to leave 10% of the area unmanaged so that it can be re-colonised by wildlife such as beavers and pine martens.

A fifth generation sheep farmer tells the Telegraph that farmers fear the plans will threaten their livelihoods while turning Exmoor into "a rich boys' playground."

A park spokesperson insisted that farmers were fundamentally at the heart of the plan.