Newspaper headlines: UK warns against coronavirus 'mass panic'

The global spread of coronavirus dominates the front pages.

Ministerial warnings against "mass panic" over coronavirus are relayed on the front of the Guardian and Daily Telegraph.

But the Guardian also highlights fears that the outbreak could reach the same scale as Italy within 72 hours.

There's little reassurance in the Daily Mirror headline "Killer virus: Fear hard-pressed NHS won't cope". The Daily Mail also suggests the health service is bracing for "virus mayhem".

The i stresses that Covid-19 has now reached every continent, bar Antarctica.

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Image caption The outbreak of the coronavirus is spreading across Europe, with Italy the worst affected

In its editorial, the Times accuses the World Health Organization (WHO) of being "frighteningly complacent," insisting there's no excuse for not declaring a pandemic.

The Financial Times suggests the WHO should learn from the International Monetary Fund to improve its response.

The paper recommends offering a financial advantage to countries which share accurate data on cases quickly.

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The Daily Telegraph is among several papers to picture a timbered house engulfed by the floods at Ironbridge in Shropshire.

It also reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to tear up part of the ground rules set out in the political declaration during the Brexit trade talks.

The paper indicates he may go back on previous agreements in areas such as Northern Ireland, fishing and state aid.

Meanwhile the Daily Mirror devotes its front page to the PM's absence from any flood-hit areas - under the headline "Get a Grip... You Drip".

The Mirror's editorial insists that Mr Johnson has time to attend a Tory fundraiser, but "cannot be bothered to look for his wellies".

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Image caption Homes are surrounded by flood water in parts of the UK

The Daily Mail reveals that a donor successfully bid £60,000 for a game of tennis with Mr Johnson at the fundraising event. Its Pugh cartoon shows a man commenting on the match: "I hope it's not in Shropshire or Worcestershire, Boris will never turn up."

There's a suggestion in the Times that if a court ruling goes against the expansion of Heathrow Airport then the prime minister is not likely to sanction an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Whitehall sources have told the Times that Mr Johnson has already been considering alternative plans to the third runway.

Heathrow's chief executive warns on the front of the Telegraph and in the Sun that blocking the plan could ensure that Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris takes over as the UK's hub.

The Times reports that growing numbers of vice-chancellors are backing a plan that would result in sixth form pupils receiving university offers after their A-level results.

The newspaper welcomes the proposal, saying it would discourage students with unconditional offers from slacking off, and help those who do better than expected.

The Telegraph suggests the review by the university watchdog could also lead to the scrapping of personal statements. The paper says this would help disadvantaged students.

And a Hollywood director has revealed how a mobile phone may help reveal the villain of a film. Rian Johnson tells the Times and the Guardian that the bad guys will never be holding an iPhone.

Apple apparently insists that its products be shown only "in the best light."

The Guardian explains that this isn't unusual - and that Danny Boyle had to paint out the Coca-Cola bottles he'd used in Slumdog Millionaire, at the company's request.