Newspaper headlines: Harry's 'farewell' and social media firm 'payback'

The Daily Telegraph leads with what it calls the "Big Ben Brexit bongs row" - which the paper says has descended into farce.

The House of Commons authorities have raised concerns about the prime minister's idea of using public donations to get the clock chiming on 31 January to mark the UK's departure from the EU.

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Elsewhere, the Politico website reports that the European Parliament plans to mark Britain's departure by lowering the Union Flag and using it as an exhibit in a museum about the history of the EU.

According to the Daily Mail's main story, staff at the Windsor home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are being what it calls "let go", in the surest sign yet that the couple will settle in Canada.

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Image caption The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have said they wish to retain Frogmore Cottage in Windsor as their family home as they look to split their time between Canada and the UK

It says sources have revealed that at least two permanent employees at Frogmore Cottage - a house manager and a cleaner - are being moved to other duties within the Queen's household.

Prince Harry's appearance at Buckingham Palace for the Rugby League World Cup draw also attracts widespread attention - with many asking whether this was his last official engagement as a royal.

"Was this Harry's swan song?" - as the Sun puts it.

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The Daily Express notes there was no sign of the glowering presence of the past couple of years that has often made the atmosphere at his engagements so unpleasant.

It's a warmth that will be missed from royal events, the Daily Mail says.

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Several papers raise a glass to official figures showing that the number of pubs and bars in the UK has risen for the first time since 2002.

But - as the i explains - it was food, not drink that helped to drive the growth.

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The Daily Mail reports that Boris Johnson is poised to allow the Chinese firm, Huawei, a limited role in building Britain's 5G network, despite warnings that anything other than a blanket ban would lead to a rift with President Trump.

Another long-awaited government decision is the future of the HS2 high speed rail project - and Fraser Nelson, writing in the Daily Telegraph, says most Conservatives believe it's already dead in the water.

He says Downing Street calculates that £6bn a year could be released by either scrapping HS2 or finding cheaper ways to improve rail links and relieve bottlenecks on the network.

Now is the time to kill off expensive bad ideas, he writes.

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Finally, Sandi Toksvig's departure from the Great British Bake Off is widely reported - and makes the Sun's lead.

Inevitably, there's plenty of speculation about who might replace her, with the most common suggestions being Jo Brand - a presenter on the show's spin-off, An Extra Slice - and Nadiya Hussain, Bake Off's most prominent winner.

But the Huffpost UK website has some other suggestions, including Miriam Margolyes - who it says would be a real wild card addition - and Joanna Lumley, a potential choice it describes as amazing.