Newspaper headlines: The Queen's 'reluctant farewell' and 'Orf you go'

By BBC News

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The front pages are dominated by the royals.

The Daily Express headline refers to the "Gracious Queen" who has granted Prince Harry his wish to live a more independent life - but the decision has left the Queen "heartbroken" according to the Daily Mirror.

And the Sun mimics royal speech with its headline "Orf you go ...but one is not amused".

One of the researchers tells the website it is the equivalent of about five Hiroshima bombs, every second, of every day, for a year.

The Guardian adds that the new analysis shows the past decade are the top 10 warmest recorded in the ocean - and the report concludes says it is evidence of "irrefutable and accelerating" heating of the planet.

Proposals are due to be announced by the regulator this morning, but the Labour MP and campaigner, Carolyn Harris tells the news website that tighter rules should have been introduced "years ago". She describes the Gambling Commission as "not fit for purpose".

Many papers contain eye-catching pictures from an erupting volcano as it lights up the night sky in the Philippines.

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The Financial Times shows a young man paddling a green canoe across a lake as a huge plume of ash fills the sky behind him.

Two papers have a couple's wedding photos with the smoke plumes providing a dramatic backdrop. "Bride and Doom" is the Mirror's headline, while the Express goes for "lava and marriage".

An academic study by Professor David Blanchflower, looked at data from 132 countries to measure the relationship between wellbeing and age.

He concluded that in every country there is a U shaped happiness curve - with people at their most miserable in their forties. But once you're passed that - things begin to get better.

And The Daily Mail is among the papers to pick up on a complaint from the chef, Heston Blumenthal, that too many customers let their food go cold so because they're so busy taking pictures of it to post on social media.

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The chef is quoted as saying people were becoming "disconnected from the moment".

According to the report Mr Blumenthal has considered asking customers to stop doing it but is worried about the reaction.

The Times notes that with a meal for two at The Fat Duck costs £650 - perhaps patrons can be forgiven for wanting a memento of their food.