Newspaper headlines: Bellamy tributes and Myanmar 'genocide denial'

Front pages for 12 December 2019

Political coverage and commentary takes up most of the front pages. The BBC, along with other broadcasters, is not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open.

Away from the election, The Times considers what it calls the extraordinary transition of the Myanmar leader and Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, following her appearance at the International Court of Justice defending her country's treatment of the Rohingya Muslims.

It says she's gone from dissident voice, political prisoner and opposition politician to the genocide-denying champion of an almost friendless government. It suggests that the Nobel Peace Prize awards committee should think carefully about whether she still deserves the honour.

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Image caption Nobel Peace Prize-winner Aung San Suu Kyi denied accusations of genocide

The Daily Telegraph says that, often lauded for her principled stance against the military, Miss Suu Kyi has been criticised for now defending their actions.

For the Financial Times, her journey from the Nobel Peace Prize podium in Oslo to the UN court in The Hague is a symbol of her alienation from global admirers who once saw her as a human rights icon.

There's sharp criticism of a new law passed in India yesterday that will fast-track citizenship claims for immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan - but not if they are Muslim.

The Financial Times warns that the law threatens the history of Indian secularism. It is, the paper says, a milestone in the campaign by the prime minister, Narendra Modi, to reshape India into an overtly Hindu nation.

Prince Andrew accuser's fears

Several papers report claims by Virginia Giuffre - who accuses the convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein, of ordering her to have sex with Prince Andrew - that "too many evil people" want to silence her.

The Daily Mail says a chilling Twitter post yesterday hinted that she now fears for her safety following her Panorama interview earlier this month.

According to the Daily Express, she said she was in no way suicidal, and added: "If something happens to me, don't let it go". The prince has "categorically" denied any sexual contact with Ms Giuffre.

Many of the papers carry pictures of the disgraced Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, shuffling into court in New York yesterday, looking a shadow of his former self.

The Daily Mail says he looked frail as he used a walking frame, clearly needing more support than the stick he used at earlier hearings.

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Image caption Broadcaster and botanist David Bellamy died at the age of 86

Finally, there are many affectionate tributes to the botanist and television presenter, David Bellamy, who has died at the age of 86. The Sun says he was larger than life and inspired millions with his love of nature.

The Daily Mail describes him as the jolly green giant of the small screen. It says children adored him because he belonged to their world - a world of creepy crawlies, mud baths and the great outdoors.

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