Newspaper headlines: Corbyn 'horror show' and '£105m win nearly killed me'

The Papers 27 November 2019

The fallout from Jeremy Corbyn's interview with Andrew Neil occupies most of the front pages. "Car-crash", "humiliating", a "horror show" and "disastrous" are just some of the ways the TV appearance is described.

In nine pages of coverage, the Daily Mail says the interview left the Labour leader and his policies "torn apart". It says Mr Corbyn "floundered repeatedly" when he was quizzed about the party's electoral pledges and spending plans - on issues including women's pensions, the taxation of those on low incomes and Brexit.

But most criticism is reserved for his repeated refusal to apologise for Labour's handling of anti-Semitism allegations. The Times says Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh leaders all backed the Chief Rabbi's intervention on Tuesday, in describing anti-Jewish racism as a "poison" within Labour.

The Sun is unequivocal in its criticism. "A vote for Labour is a vote for racism" it tells readers, adding that the party has become "a cesspit, beyond disgrace".

The interview was also viewed to have gone badly for Mr Corbyn by Labour activists, with at least one group attempting to organise positive messaging ahead of its broadcast on messaging apps, according to the Mail. It reports a source as saying the instructions did not come from the Labour Party.

PM's past remarks

The Daily Mirror is less critical, saying Mr Corbyn has admitted past mistakes and is "undoubtedly a committed, life-long campaigner against racism". The paper instead turns its fire on Boris Johnson - whom it criticises for taunting veiled women and insulting black Britons.

The prime minister's past remarks on race are also highlighted in the Guardian and the news website HuffPost UK. They note that at a campaign event on Tuesday, Chancellor Sajid Javid refused seven times to condemn Mr Johnson for using terms such as "bank robber" and "letterbox" to describe women who wear a burka.

Mr Javid instead responded that the prime minister had given a "valid explanation" of his use of language.

'Pear of the dog'

The Sun reports news that scientists have developed a new hangover cure - just in time for Christmas. The Mail says the creation - a drink made of two-thirds pear, a quarter sweet lime and a tenth coconut water - tastes nice, unlike other suggested remedies. The concoction is "pear of the dog," says the Sun.

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'Paint life grand!'

The biggest smiles in Wednesday's papers belong to Steve and Lenka Thomson from West Sussex - who are pictured with their giant National Lottery cheque for £105m.

The Sun says the couple's three children have already created a list of demands for how they should spend their Euromillions winnings - including requests for pink iPhones, a Tesla car and bedrooms of their own.

Mr Thomson - a builder - has vowed the money won't change him and that he intends to keep working "for the time being".

Although he admits his next major project may be to build himself a mansion. The Daily Star says the shock of the win nearly killed him.

The Daily Express works out how much their winnings could earn them. It notes that placing the cash in an account offering interest at 5%, would bring them another £14,000 each day.

The Sun reports that a mayor in Nottinghamshire sparked fury when she told children that Santa was too busy to visit this year.

Speaking at a festive lights switch on, Councillor Christine Jeffreys said parents would buy presents instead. Those who heard the remarks claimed to be left "gobsmacked" and "incensed". The debacle is, the Sun adds, the "night mayor before Christmas".

And finally...

The Daily Mail reports how a keen baker in Scotland has created a life-size cake modelled on her pet beagle. Anna Dillon, the paper says, designed the cake in the image of her eight-month-old dog Poppy leaping through the air.

There was little paws for thought, though, as the Mail reports the "hound of the bakervilles" took care worker Ms Dillon - who prefers Victoria sponge or Madeira cake - no time at all.