Newspaper headlines: Thomas Cook 'fat cats' and Meghan's dancing joy

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Image caption Many of the papers featured photos from the first leg of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's Africa tour

Several of the front pages express their anger at the bosses of Thomas Cook - branding them "fat cats" for the millions of pounds which they received in pay and bonuses in the years leading up to the travel company's failure.

The Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, the Daily Mail, and the Times all lead with attacks on the executives' pay, with criticism coming from Boris Johnson and Labour as well as customers who've seen their holidays ruined.

The Sun takes a different angle. It expresses anger at airlines, which it says have raised fares by up to 400% as holidaymakers struggle to return home.

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Image caption The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian both agree the Labour conference vote to decide the party's Brexit policy was "chaotic".

The Daily Telegraph and the Guardian both agree the Labour conference vote to decide the party's Brexit policy was "chaotic".

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn successfully saw off an attempt to force Labour to back Remain should there be another referendum.

The Telegraph hears accusations from within the party that what happened was "a total stitch up", with the conference chairwoman, Wendy Nichols, appearing to change her mind about the show of hands after having a conversation with one of Mr Corbyn's closest allies, Jennie Formby.

The Times hears a claim that the conference hall had been packed with supporters of the pro-Corbyn grassroots campaign group Momentum, who helped reject the Remain motion, even though they didn't have the right to vote.

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Questions about a potential conflict of interest continue to haunt Boris Johnson. The Daily Mail reports the prime minister repeatedly declined to clarify what sort of relationship he had with the American entrepreneur, Jennifer Arcuri, while he was mayor of London.

She's alleged to have been given access to overseas trade trips and received thousands of pounds in public grants, while Mr Johnson was in City Hall.

The Guardian believes the prime minister is "under mounting pressure" because of the story.

Mr Johnson insists there was "utter propriety". Ms Arcuri has previously insisted any grants received by her companies were purely in respect of her role as a legitimate businesswoman.

Several papers cover a report which reveals one in three bank branches has shut in the UK during the past five years. The Telegraph says the Royal Bank of Scotland and Co-op have seen the most closures.

In one parliamentary constituency - Wenworth and Deane in South Yorkshire - all the local branches have gone despite it being home to 98,000 people.

Don't worry, your cat loves you back

There's also coverage of an American study which - as the Times puts it - suggests cats love humans just as much as dogs do.

During the research, people were asked to spend two minutes with their kitten, then told to leave the room before returning for a two-minute reunion.

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Image caption Cats - not as aloof as they seem?

The report's authors say two-thirds of the animals appeared less stressed during the reunion and also displayed behaviour suggesting they had secure attachments.

For the Guardian, the findings have shattered the idea that cats are "aloof, contrary and utterly nonplussed" by their owners.