Newspaper headlines: Jeremy Corbyn's key aide Andrew Fisher 'walks out'

On day two of the Labour party conference in Brighton, much is written about the party's internal squabbles.

The Sunday Telegraph says Jeremy Corbyn's allies have begun triggering succession plans after concluding that Labour has "passed the high-water mark of Corbynism".

It quotes a shadow cabinet minister as saying Mr Corbyn appeared to be ready to "pack in" his job.

A Labour source described the claim as "categorically false".

The Sun on Sunday says, in its lead editorial, "the botched coup to oust the party's deputy leader Tom Watson was like a Communist purge during the Stalin-era mixed with a Carry On farce".

"It is now clear that Jeremy Corbyn's fanatical comrades are serious about inflicting Soviet-style socialism on Britain and will brook no opposition," the tabloid adds.

And there's uncomfortable reading for both the main party leaders at Westminster on the front page of the Sunday Times.

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It says one of Jeremy Corbyn's closest aides, Andrew Fisher - the author of the party's last manifesto - has resigned, claiming Mr Corbyn will not win the next general election.

In a memo seen by the paper, Mr Fisher reportedly criticises the leader's team for a "lack of professionalism, competence and human decency".

But in a separate statement, seen by BBC News, Mr Fisher indicates his motivation for quitting is to prioritise his family - and he will stay on until after any autumn election.

The Sunday Times also claims Boris Johnson failed to declare a series of potential conflicts of interest over a close friendship with an American model turned technology entrepreneur during his time as London mayor.

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The paper says the woman - Jennifer Arcuri - was given thousands of pounds in public money and privileged access to three official overseas trade missions led by Mr Johnson.

She has denied any impropriety, while Downing Street has declined to comment.

Meanwhile, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage tells the Sunday Express that Mr Johnson will have to abandon all hope of an agreement with the EU - and leave without a deal - if Remainers succeed in delaying Britain's departure from the bloc once again.

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Image caption Mavis and Dennis Eccleston were found unconscious by family members in February 2018

And the Mail on Sunday features an interview with an 80-year-old woman who was acquitted last week of killing her terminally ill husband.

A jury was told Mavis and Dennis Eccleston had agreed to take a lethal cocktail of drugs to end their lives together.

She tells the paper she endured an "appalling" series of indignities after her arrest, including being locked in a police cell for 30 hours in her nightie.

In its lead editorial, Mrs Eccleston is described by the paper as a "fragile, frightened, grief-stricken human being" who received treatment worse than a "war criminal" might have expected.