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Newspaper headlines: Here comes Boris - the new 'dude' at No 10

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As you would expect, the figure of Boris Johnson looms large this morning.

Alongside the headline "I'm the dude", the Daily Telegraph carries a picture of the new prime minister saluting photographers on the steps of Conservative Party headquarters. It says he will spend his first 100 days in No 10 focusing solely on Brexit.

The Daily Express carries a picture of a determined looking Mr Johnson, with the headline: "Hang on to your comes Boris."

In contrast, The Independent online carries a caricature of Mr Johnson on the front page - in Churchillian pose - with the headline "Welcome to Brexit's Darkest Hour".

And the Daily Mirror has a series of pictures of the new prime minister in various comical poses with the headline: "It's really not funny any more".

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image captionPriti Patel is widely tipped to be in line for a job

There's lots of speculation about the kind of team the new prime minister will build around him.

The Telegraph says he will assemble a majority Brexiteer cabinet as he clears out one-time Remainers to get Britain ready for leaving the EU on 31 October.

The paper says he will also make it the most ethnically diverse cabinet in history and with an increased number of female secretaries of state.

Under the headline "Johnson goes to work", the Times says he's expected to promote the Brexiteer Priti Patel to the key post of home secretary in his new cabinet.

According to the paper, Jeremy Hunt's future is in doubt after he resisted demotion from foreign secretary. The paper says the defeated leadership contender is understood to have turned down the post of defence secretary in the new cabinet.

According to the i newspaper, among those who could see a return from the backbenchers are Sir Michael Fallon, Andrew Mitchell and Iain Duncan Smith.

The Financial Times says Boris Johnson enters No 10 just as a new warning is issued about the economic risks of leaving the EU without a deal.

It highlights a report from the International Monetary Fund which says a no-deal Brexit is one of the chief threats to the world economy.

In an editorial, the paper says that rarely has a peacetime British prime minister confronted circumstances as grave as those awaiting Mr Johnson. Rarely too, the paper says, has an incoming premier appeared, by temperament, character and record, so unequal to the magnitude of the task.

It says he has no right to pursue a no-deal departure without seeking a genuine mandate from the British people, either in a general election or a new referendum.

The Sun strikes a more upbeat note believing the new prime minister will be able to unite the country by showing his true colours as a tolerant and inclusive politician.

It describes Boris Johnson as an "inspiring blast of optimism after years of purgatory".

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image captionParts of the UK could see record-breaking temperatures later this week.

Finally, some of the few pages not taken up with developments at Westminster are devoted to images related to yesterday's sweltering weather.

Among the more arresting is The Sun's photograph of a £2 coin embedded in a melting pavement in Manchester, and the Mail's picture of a hot and flustered brown bear taking a much needed cooling dip at Whipsnade Zoo.