Newspaper headlines: Trump 'turns on May' and a £15bn dementia 'tax'

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Many of the front pages reflect Donald Trump's latest Twitter outburst at Britain's ambassador to the US.

The Times reports the president has "severed relations" with Sir Kim Darroch after the diplomat's unflattering comments about Mr Trump's administration were leaked.

The Politico website asks if the ambassador is now "persona non grata" - the term used in diplomatic circles when a country wants to kick out a foreign envoy.

A former state department official tells the site that discussions will now take place as to whether the president's tweet should be taken as an official instruction.

Politico concludes that if the federal government stops engaging with Sir Kim, then that alone could lead to him being pulled out of Washington.

The Sun focuses on the hunt for those behind the leak, and says officials are investigating whether the information was hacked by a hostile state such as Russia.

The Guardian reports that the life of one of the Wiltshire Novichok victims was saved by paramedics giving him an antidote that had never been used on a UK patient before.

The paper also says the local ambulance service has revealed that a number of paramedics reported feeling ill after attending the poisonings in Salisbury and Amesbury.

It adds that Charlie Rowley's life was probably saved because of the instinct of a paramedic who had attended the first nerve agent attack and treated his case as another one, despite having no information to link the two.

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The Daily Express and the Daily Mail both lead on the delays to social care reforms, and say they have cost families coping with dementia £15bn in two years.

The Express says the figures from the Alzheimer's Society show it is costing up to £100,000 a year for their care and they often have to sell homes to pay for it.

The Daily Mail's editorial urges the government to "bite the social care bullet", and argues if nothing is done "countless people face a wretched old age".

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Several papers including the Daily Telegraph carry pictures of an array of ancient Buddhist heads from Afghanistan that have been restored by the British Museum after being seized by border officials at Heathrow in 2002.

The Times explains the original sculptures, which are about 1,500 years old, had their heads removed by the Taliban and were then looted and sold abroad.

The collection also includes tablets with cuneiform lettering from Iraq dating back thousands of years. They will all go on display in London before being returned to their countries of origin.

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And Snowball the dancing cockatoo appears on the front page of the Times. He became an internet sensation 10 years ago with his head-bobbing and foot-tapping to 80s hits, but now US scientists have counted 14 different dance moves.

They suggest the birds are unique in the animal kingdom in demonstrating creativity, and that parrots' brains may be similar to humans because Snowball is not performing for food or a mate. The Daily Mail's headline for the story is "Jive Squawking".