Newspaper headlines: Brexit 'bidding war' and MoD '£800 hotel stays'

Boris Johnson

With politics dominating many of the front pages, the Sunday Telegraph reports Boris Johnson is forming a Brexit war cabinet to force through Britain's departure from the European Union in his first 100 days in office.

It says the "crack team" - as one source described it - would comprise a tightly-knit unit of senior ministers and advisers charged with mapping out and tackling every possible obstacle to the UK exiting the EU on 31 October.

The Sunday Times believes both contenders in the Tory leadership race are engaged in a "hard Brexit bidding war".

It points out in his interview with the paper, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has staked out a much tougher position with Brussels, insisting there is not a great deal of difference between Mr Johnson's position and his.

The Times also reports allegations by a former confidante of Mr Johnson's first wife, Allegra Mostyn-Owen - who describes how he once threatened and swore at her.

The paper says Louisa Gosling has decided to break her silence about the incident more than 30 years ago following last weekend's row between Mr Johnson and his current girlfriend, which ended with the police being called. Mr Johnson has declined to comment on Ms Golsing's allegations.

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The online newspaper, the Independent, says backing for a no-deal Brexit has surged among grassroots Tories - evidence, it says, of "blatant entryism" by former UKIP supporters or "blukips" - as they prepare to pick the next prime minister.

The paper cites research suggesting no fewer than 77% of members who joined the Conservative Party after the 2017 general election support what it calls "crashing out of the EU with no deal".

Meanwhile, according to the Sunday Express, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage will outline plans for a £200bn investment in the regions in what the paper describes as the party's first big policy announcement.

The Observer focuses on Labour, claiming the party's MPs have issued a warning to Jeremy Corbyn: get a grip or lose the election.

Image copyright PA
Image caption Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner is among those who have expressed concerns, says the Observer

The paper says senior figures from both wings of the party have voiced fears that they could lose a snap general election to a reinvigorated Tory Party led by Mr Johnson.

The Mail On Sunday leads on Mr Corbyn's angry rejection of speculation about his health and on what it sees as manoeuvrings inside Labour to replace him.

It believes a consensus is building among the party's most senior figures that he will have to step aside if there is an election in the coming months.

The Sun on Sunday concludes Mr Corbyn's leadership is crumbling.

The Sunday Mirror and the People report forces charities are in uproar after learning defence chiefs spent more than £200m last year on hotels, meals and travel.

Under the headline "the Five Star Generals", the Mirror describes how one Ministry of Defence boss stayed in a hotel in Dubai for an eye-watering £4,900 for six nights, while officials even splashed out £500 for a one-night stay in Birmingham.

The MoD tells the paper hotels are only approved when they are the most cost-effective solution.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Virgin Galactic's rocket plane taking off in California in February

Finally, the Sunday Telegraph reports Britain is about to join the space tourism race.

The paper holds out the prospect of tourists setting off from spaceports in Cornwall and the Scottish Highlands after the government recently signed a deal with Virgin Orbit to start building facilities that allow shuttles to take off from "horizontal launches" like a plane.

The Telegraph describes how the journey will take passengers beyond Earth's atmosphere, where they can experience weightlessness and see the curvature of the planet.