Newspaper headlines:' Victory for Brexit' on day Boris starts his campaign

Boris Johnson making a speech at his leadership launch Image copyright PA

There is extensive coverage of the launch of Boris Johnson's campaign to be the next Conservative leader.

The Daily Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson says he presented himself as "Prime Minister in Waiting Boris" - delivering a "rallying" speech which was "masterly at times".

She notes there was "no more faux-hapless ruffling of that haystack mop, which, like its owner, was trimmed and tamed".

The Daily Mirror is less impressed - describing him as an "egomanic" and "the lying threat to Britain".

"Who's a snorty boy then?" asks its headline, as the paper says he "ducked" questions about whether he had, in the past, taken cocaine.

The Times reports on claims that Mr Johnson has privately told senior Brexiteers he will leave open the option of suspending parliament to force through a no-deal.

The paper says a source from a rival campaign claims he made the comments to the European Research Group of Tory backbenchers.

Mr Johnson's spokesman tells the paper he is "instinctively averse" to the option.

There are claims in the Guardian that most of the meat people eat in 2040 will not come from slaughtered animals.

The paper says a report by the global consultancy AT Kearney predicts that 60% of products will be either grown in vats or replaced by plant-based alternatives.

It says the changes will be brought about because of the environmental impact of conventional meat production and concerns about animal welfare.

The i says an amateur naturalist and her zoologist husband may have answered one of nature's biggest riddles - why zebras have stripes.

The couple have spent many years studying the animals in sub-Saharan Africa.

The paper says they believe the dark hairs can be raised to aid the evaporation of sweat - with small convection currents forming between the black and white markings.

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