Newspaper headlines: Prince Philip gets a new car - but will he drive it?

Duke of Edinburgh on 24 June 2018 Image copyright PA

Is it "Time to Call it a Day?" asks the Daily Mail, as the paper reports Buckingham Palace is under pressure to stop the Duke of Edinburgh from driving.

The Daily Star says now is as good a time as any to revisit the rules for older drivers - but the paper says it's too complicated to issue a blanket ban. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents tells the Daily Mirror that older drivers are, in fact, safer than younger ones.

Facebook has been accused by a former Brexit minister of "pumping out fake news", according to the Daily Telegraph.

David Jones is joined by Environment Secretary Michael Gove in criticising political adverts - paid for by two prominent Remain campaign groups - that claim endangered animals are being threatened by Brexit.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox says the ads are "scaremongering" from those who haven't accepted the referendum result. The Telegraph says Leave-backing groups have also paid for ads on the social media site.

An un-named Cabinet source has told the Guardian that Theresa May reassured her senior colleagues yesterday that another Brexit referendum was "not the direction" she was heading in.

But the former Labour prime minister, Tony Blair tells the Times he thinks there's now a "close to 50% chance" of another vote.

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The Washington Post has described a story - reported yesterday by Buzzfeed News - that President Trump ordered his former lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress as "explosive".

And it says a statement from the office of the US special counsel, Robert Mueller, disputing its accuracy is also "remarkable" - because of its rarity. BuzzFeed says it stands by its reporting, but the Post points out that no other media organisation has been able to match the claims.

A writer in New York Times says he's struck by how the indisputable parts of the BuzzFeed article suggest Donald Trump "never really expected to be president. More than that, he never really hoped to be".

In the UK, the Independent believes the clamour over the Mueller investigation will only grow more frenzied in the next two years of President Trump's first term in office.

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The Times says at least ten councils in England and Scotland are considering introducing a parking charge for people who drive to work which could cost motorists up to £1,000 a year.

The plan aims to help reduce traffic and pollution, but critics claim there's little evidence an existing scheme in Nottingham has cut car journeys. The Times argues it's still good economics but the Sun says the charge is a tax and calls the councils greedy.

And finally, many papers enjoyed the rescue by police of two penguins that had been stolen from a zoo in Nottinghamshire in November.

The Sun says police "swooped" after a tip off to stop the "p..p..p.. pair " being sold online. The Mirror says a man arrested on suspicion of burglary and theft will be "up before the beak".