Newspaper headlines: Duke of Edinburgh's 'miracle escape'

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Image caption Debris at the scene where Prince Philip was involved in a traffic accident

A picture of the overturned Land Rover belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh, who was involved in an accident on Thursday, appears in most of the papers.

"How did he walk away?" asks the Daily Mail, concluding Prince Philip had a "miracle escape" - while The Daily Mirror talks of him cheating death. The Daily Telegraph says witnesses described him as "quite distraught". And the Sun claims the Duke of Edinburgh was in agony and yelling "my legs!" as he was pulled from the wreckage.

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The Guardian suggests that Jeremy Corbyn could face up to a dozen resignations from the Labour front bench if the party backs another referendum.

The paper says that pressure is growing on the Labour leader to consider a so-called people's vote, but a string of junior shadow ministers believe the idea would expose the party to a vicious backlash in leave-voting constituencies.

Theresa May is also at risk of mass resignations according to the Daily Telegraph, after she said it was "impossible" to rule out a no deal Brexit.

The warning comes from as many as 20 mid-ranking ministers who have indicated that they are prepared to quit the government so they can support backbench moves to halt a no-deal scenario.

The Total Politics website is sceptical about Theresa May's cross party talks. "What is the point in negotiations when neither side is willing to compromise?" it asks.

The website claims that it is abundantly clear that, despite all the talk of trying to build a cross-party consensus on Brexit, there is precious little evidence that it is remotely possible.

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The frontrunner to become Germany's next Chancellor has written to the Times with an eleventh hour plea for Britain to change its mind and stay in the European Union.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is among more than two dozen leading figures from German politics, industry and the arts who are campaigning to persuade Britain "from the bottom of their hearts" to remain.

The paper says their affectionate letter to the paper marks a significant shift in Berlin's tone, by arguing that the two countries share an indissoluble bond thanks to Britain's role in rebuilding Germany after World War II.

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The Times believes plans for a new generation of nuclear power stations are in "disarray" after Hitachi announced that it would stop work on two projects in Anglesey and south Gloucestershire.

The Daily Mail finds the development deeply worrying and warns the government's failure to get a grip risks leaving future generations in the cold and dark.

The Sun thinks the UK risks a blackout within ten years without a new plan. The Financial Times agrees that the government needs a more flexible, affordable and realistic energy strategy.

Finally, it's the kind of price tag usually associated with the bargain aisle in a discount store, says the Guardian, but an entire Scottish shopping centre is up for auction with a reserve price of just £1.

When it opened in 1981, the Postings in Kirkcaldy promised to be a magnet for shoppers but now 14 of the 21 shops are empty. A retail expert tells the paper that the price tag reflects the irrelevance of dated shopping centres in challenged towns.