Newspaper headlines: 'Unmasked' Sir Philip Green on the front pages

Sir Philip Green Image copyright PA

Sir Philip Green is pictured on most of the front pages - after he was named as the prominent businessman who obtained an injunction to prevent allegations against him being published.

"Unmasked" says the i, while "Named and Shamed" is the headline for the Daily Express and the Daily Mail.

The Guardian headlines on what it describes as the robust statement issued by Sir Philip in which he categorically denies unlawful sexual and racist behaviour.

The Sun believes Sir Philip's reputation has been "shredded".

The Daily Telegraph says there are now calls for the billionaire to be stripped of his knighthood and for a crackdown on the use of non disclosure agreements - which it says are being used to stop complaints being made public.

The Times talks of Sir Philip being "outed" and has quotes from Sir Vince Cable, Frank Field and Jess Phillips who are three of the MPs arguing the businessman should lose his title if the allegations are proved.

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Meanwhile, the Times reports millions of pounds is being wasted on teacher training bursaries for graduates who change their minds about joining the profession.

Its own analysis of government figures suggests that at least £44m was spent on attracting graduates who never went on to set foot in a state school classroom.

The paper says some trainee teachers joined independent schools, but many appear to have been recruited outside the profession.

All roles open

"Are you tough enough?" asks the Times, as it reports that every role in the British military is being opened up to women for the first time.

It includes the special forces, says the paper, which has one of the most gruelling selection tests in the world, taking up to a year.

Image copyright PA

In the Daily Mail, Colonel Richard Kemp - who commanded British forces abroad - warns against letting "political correctness override ability in combat". He says if there are one or two women in a team of men, it can lead to divisiveness.

But the Guardian quotes the defence secretary saying women can achieve anything.

And the Daily Telegraph asks Trooper Kat Dixon what she thinks about those who are critical of women in the military.

"I wouldn't say anything to them", she says, "I'd just prove them wrong".

High Street pain

The Duke of York has raised eyebrows, says the Times, by expressing his eagerness to work more closely with Saudi Arabia days after it admitted to the killing of the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

In an address to young people, Prince Andrew hailed the success of his scheme to promote entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates - and said he hoped that Saudi Arabia would soon join the initiative.

The paper publishes harsh criticism from the Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle who says: "Prince Andrew's open call for doing business with a man who has just ordered the murder and dismemberment of a journalist hits a new low, even for him."

The Guardian takes a closer look at the plight of Debenhams which on Thursday reported the worst annual loss in its history and announced it was closing around 50 stores.

Image copyright EPA

The department store chain has not said which shops will shut their doors but the Guardian believes small ones in regional towns are likely to be the first to close, bringing more pain to high streets.

The Daily Mail claims pressure is piling on the chancellor to act on business rates. It says while High Street retailers face crippling tax bills, online firms stand accused of not paying their fair share.

Last corgi

The Queen has lost the last of her beloved corgis, according to the Daily Mail.

Image copyright PA, BBC

Twelve-year-old Whisper, described by palace sources as "a friendly chap", had apparently become a royal favourite after the death of another corgi, Willow, earlier this year.

The Mail says the Queen still has two dogs - Candy and Vulcan - but they are dorgis, a cross between dachshunds and corgis.