Newspaper headlines: 'Tories at war over burka row Boris'

The intensifying attacks on Boris Johnson from within the Conservative Party over his ridiculing of the burka continue to dominate the front pages.

"Tories at War Over Burka Row Boris" is the Daily Mail's headline.

"The Pariah" is the Daily Mirror's, as it says 15 top Tories have now condemned what it calls Mr Johnson's "insult".

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The i says there's a "Tory civil war at the prospect of Boris Johnson in No 10" - with senior Conservatives vowing to quit if he becomes prime minister.

All that, the Guardian suggests, means the pressure on the party to discipline Mr Johnson is growing.

It says a complaint has been lodged with party chairman Brandon Lewis, although a report in the Sun suggests Boris Johnson is confident he will not face action.

Mr Johnson's allies tell the paper Tory chiefs have "ducked out" of a "power confrontation".

Meanwhile, there is support for Mr Johnson in the Times. It reports a prominent imam - Taj Hargey, from the Oxford Islamic Congregation - has said he should "not apologise for telling the truth" and did not go far enough.

A Muslim woman, writing in the Daily Telegraph under a pseudonym, also backs his intervention. As a feminist and a Muslim, she says it is right to question, reject and ridicule face veils.

In its editorial, the Telegraph says the fact the woman does not feel able to use her real name reinforces the point that so far the debate has been mostly about "taking revenge on Mr Johnson".

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Monaco move

The digital edition of the Independent reports claims that members of the Windrush generation are being forced to wait four months for their immigration cases to be resolved.

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The government promised earlier this year that they would be processed in two weeks.

Donald Thompson who came to Britain from Jamaica in 1966 says he has spent £30,000 on legal and application fees and is still waiting for an answer. The paper says the Home Office has been approached for comment.

Elsewhere, Britain's richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe is leaving the country for Monaco, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The reason for his move is not known - but the paper points out his new home is a tax haven.

The Telegraph says Sir Jim leaving will be seen as a blow for Theresa May, as he is a high-profile supporter of Brexit. His company refused to comment but tells the paper it is "committed" to its London base.

'Severe stuff'

"Energy bill hike will put lives at risk," reads the front page of the Daily Express as it reports that campaigners fear British Gas putting its prices up will trigger a rise in winter deaths.

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The National Pensioners Convention says 20,000 elderly people die every year from the cold - many of them because of the "toxic mix" of poor housing and unaffordable heating bills.

The Financial Times details the deepening row between Canada and Saudi Arabia.

It was sparked by Canada criticising the arrest of a female activist. It has now extended to the Saudi central bank instructing overseas assets managers to sell Canadian investments "no matter the cost".

A banker tells the FT: "This is severe stuff."

'Discreet but dignified'

"There's Something Not Quite Right About Theresa May's Curtsy", is the headline for the Huffpost, as it shows Theresa May shaking hands with Prince William ahead of a World War One service at Amiens in northern France.

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Not for the first time her deep curtsy is more of an "awkward lunge" the website says - and it shows six other occasions when the prime minister has made an exaggerated knee bend when meeting the Royal Family.

The Huffpost says Debretts advises the curtsy should be "discreet but dignified" although it can be also be an opportunity to "add a little flourish of one's own", as, the website suggests, the prime minister has proved.