Newspaper headlines: 'Voters turn to far right' over Brexit

By BBC News

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The Sunday Times leads on polling which it says shows Theresa May is facing an "unprecedented political crisis."

The YouGov data indicates the public is unhappy with the Chequers Brexit deal and believes Boris Johnson is better placed to lead negotiations with the EU.

It also suggests the Conservatives face being squeezed at both ends of the political spectrum, with more than a third of the public willing to support a new hard Brexit party, with roughly the same proportion interested in a new party dedicated to stopping the UK leaving the EU.

"Voters are united on one point", the paper says in its editorial, "they don't like what they see".

That sentiment also extends to the Liberal Democrats, according to the Mail on Sunday.

It reports that Sir Vince Cable is facing a plot to unseat him as leader, with party members unhappy that he missed a key Commons vote on Brexit last week.

One unnamed senior Lib Dem tells the paper it is time to find a younger leader and "sweep away the fossil".

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image captionDominic Raab replaced David Davis, who quit in protest at Theresa May's trade policy

"No trade deal, no cash for the EU" is the headline in the Sunday Telegraph.

It has spoken to the new Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, who says the UK needs to make clear to Brussels that the so-called divorce bill and establishing a trade framework are linked.

"You can't have one side fulfilling its side of the bargain and the other side not," he tells the paper.

The Mail on Sunday leads on jets that are part of an RAF fleet being used to transport holidaymakers.

The A330s are made available for commercial flights when they are not needed by the Ministry of Defence, despite them having been purchased under a £10.5bn private finance deal, the paper reports.

The Mail says that is much more than if they had just been bought outright.

It quotes a source close to Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson as describing it as a "poor historic deal" that is squeezing the department's budget. The MoD has insisted it is a cost-effective arrangement.

The Observer publishes figures showing the number of hospital beds for people with acute mental health conditions - where a consultant psychiatrist is on hand to oversee treatment - has fallen by almost 30% since 2009.

The paper points out that is despite repeated claims by ministers that improving care for the mentally ill is now a top priority.

The data has been obtained by the former Conservative health minister, Dr Dan Poulter. He tells the Observer the situation is "not safe for patients."

In a statement, the Department of Health says funding for mental health services is increasing.

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One picture dominates the front pages - an image of a beaming Prince George, released to mark his birthday.

"By George he's five already", is the Sunday Telegraph's caption. The prince is pictured stood against a brick wall at the family home, Clarence House.

For the Sun on Sunday it is a backdrop reminiscent of the soap, Coronation Street - fitting enough for a boy who is destined one day to become king.