Newspaper Headlines: PM 'warns Brexit bullies' and William's Middle East peace 'mission'

Government infighting over Brexit makes many of the front pages - with the man who represents Conservative backbenchers, Sir Graham Brady, calling on warring cabinet ministers to unite.

Writing in the Observer, the chairman of the 1922 Committee says the current disunity could allow Jeremy Corbyn to take power.

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According to the Sunday Times, Theresa May has a defiant message for hardline Brexiteers: "Oust me if your dare."

It says she will present the cabinet with a plan to keep Britain closely aligned to EU rules on the sale of goods when they meet at the prime minister's country residence in Chequers.

At the same time she's made it clear she will not be "bullied" out of office unless rebels can muster the support of 159 Tory MPs needed to bring her down.

The Sun on Sunday depicts the Chequers meeting as a Cluedo game, warning Mrs May is risking a "bloodbath".

Elsewhere, the lead in the Sunday Telegraph reveals senior Tory Eurosceptic MPs have been trying to forge alliances with the Trump administration.

It says they held a secret meeting with John Bolton, Donald Trump's national security adviser. He stressed the president's enthusiasm for Brexit and his belief that America and Britain could agree a trade deal two years after the UK leaves the EU.

Meanwhile, several papers report that Jeremy Corbyn is facing pressure from members of the trade union, Unite, to change his Brexit stance.

The Sunday Mirror reports the results of a survey which finds that six out of 10 Unite members think Britain would be worse off outside the single market - even though Labour favours quitting. The paper believes the results will infuriate the union's general secretary Len McCluskey who is a close ally of Mr Corbyn.

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The Sunday Mirror's lead story says that Prince William has vowed to make it his lifelong mission to bring a "just and lasting peace" to the Middle East.

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The paper has learned from a senior "Palace source" that the prince was deeply moved by his trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

As a result he is said to be determined to help solve a problem that has stumped a series of world leaders.

Body-cams for paramedics

The website of the Mexican paper, La Jornada, highlights the dangers faced by reporters covering the country's election.

It says Mexico's National Commission of Human Rights has called on the regional authorities to guarantee the safety of journalists on polling day. It also covers the killing of a reporter two days ago, who was shot at least four times in a nightclub in the state of Quintana Roo.

Several of the papers report that paramedics are to be issued with body cameras as part of a crackdown on violence against NHS staff.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt hopes their use will increase the number of prosecutions.

The Sunday Express says last week paramedics in Hampshire were attacked using bricks while responding to a 999 call.

Plastic cutlery and plates could soon be banned, according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The paper has learned the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is offering a contract for research into the economic, environmental and social impact of such a measure.

The paper notes that France already intends to remove the items from sale in two years.

Rhapsody in bleu

Finally, "Don't Cry 4-3 Argentina" is the headline in the Sunday People and the Sun on Sunday as they cover France's victory over the South Americans in the World Cup.

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Image caption Kylian Mbappe is a new global superstar, says the Sunday Times

The French sports newspaper - L'Equipe believes the match was one of the craziest in the history of their national side.

There's also lavish praise for the French teenager, Kylian Mbappe, who scored twice.

It was his "day of glory", says Le Monde.

The Observer, which puts a photo of the 19-year-old on its front page - describes him as a "rhapsody in bleu", while the Sunday Times believes a new global superstar has been born.

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