Newspaper headlines: NHS tax 'headache' and England's Captain Marvel

Pictures of Harry Kane celebrating England's winning goal in Volgograd last night are all over the front pages.

England's late win - with Kane scoring his second goal in the last few minutes of the game - is the lead for the Sun.

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It says Kane got the team off to a flying start - triumphing over Tunisia and the swarm of midges. "I'm buzzing", is the headline.

He "swatted off" Tunisia, the Daily Star says.

"Keep calm and Harry on", is the Daily Telegraph's message, with its picture looming large above its masthead.

The Daily Mirror describes Kane as "Captain Fantastic"; for the Times and Metro he is "Captain Marvel".

Kane is "Harry Houdini", says the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. It was, the Express adds, the great escape.

A free hand

The prime minister's confirmation that taxes will have to rise to fund her plan to give the NHS in England an extra £20bn a year by 2023, is the main story for several papers including the i, the Daily Express and Metro.

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According to the Times, the chancellor has warned the cabinet that he has no more money for areas including schools, defence, prisons and police after being forced to find the extra money for the NHS.

The Financial Times reports that Mrs May has given Philip Hammond a free hand to rip up the Conservative Party's manifesto pledges on taxes in order to pay for the boost.

A number of the Conservative supporting papers are uneasy at the prospect of higher taxes to pay for the extra spending.

In the Sun's view, the health service does need more money, but this government is wrong if it thinks it can get away with tax rises.

The Daily Telegraph thinks that if the Tories' manifesto pledge to cut taxes is to be broken, then we need to be certain that the NHS does not just swallow up the extra money.

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The Daily Telegraph leads on Lord Hague's call for a change in the law on cannabis.

Elsewhere, there is support for change, following the case of 12-year-old Billy Caldwell, who suffered multiple epileptic seizures after having his cannabis oil medication confiscated at Heathrow Airport.

The Daily Mirror urges Theresa May to review the law on medical cannabis so that it is available to people who need it.

The Times says that when Billy's medication was taken away, the government missed a chance to show it can respond to those who need help

'Fleeced drivers'

A report that suggests filling stations are overcharging drivers by at least £2.50 per tank, makes the lead for the Daily Mail.

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The campaign group FairFuel UK says retailers have put up the cost of petrol and diesel by more than 5p a litre since early May while wholesale costs have risen by only a fraction of a penny.

"Fleeced at the petrol pumps", is the paper's headline.

The Independent website says it can reveal that the government unit set up to tackle the Windrush crisis is investigating multiple cases of alleged discrimination suffered by British citizens who were born in India, Ghana and Pakistan.

It reports that in dozens of cases under the "hostile environment" immigration policy, people born in Commonwealth countries outside the Caribbean were left stranded abroad or threatened with deportation - despite having lived in the UK for decades.

Rising star

Finally, civil servants have been taken by surprise after one of their colleagues turned up on the reality show Love Island.

According to the Sun, Zara McDermott - a policy adviser to the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds - had not told her bosses she was going to be appearing on the ITV show, saying only that she was taking a career break.

The Daily Mail says Zara, who has been described as a rising star in the civil service, has boasted on Love Island that she "makes laws", and even has a selfie taken inside Downing Street.

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