Newspaper headlines: 'End of cold call menace', Italy crisis and Serena's catsuit

Government proposals to fine the bosses of companies which plague people with unsolicited phone calls are reported on several front pages.

The Daily Mail and Daily Express welcome the penalties of up to £500,000 being proposed for the directors of companies behind the nuisance calls.

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The Mail sees it as the "end of the cold call sharks", and the Express says the huge fines have the ability to "stamp out" rogue firms.

The Times points out that the proposal was first announced in October 2016, but was held up by the snap election and plans to update the UK's data protection framework.

'Italy spooks market'

Meanwhile, Italy's political crisis make headlines around the world

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In the words of the Financial Times, the crisis has "spooked" international markets and jumped the Atlantic for the first time since it began a month ago.

The Italian paper La Stampa covers a row in the European Parliament after the EU budget commissioner reportedly told German television the negative reaction in the financial markets would persuade Italians not to vote for populists next time.

Italy's Corriere Della Sera says the president sees his main objectives as steadying the markets and avoiding fresh elections in summer.

The former chancellor, Lord Lamont, writing in the Daily Mail, says democracy is acceptable to Eurocrats only as long as it produces the "correct" result.

An analysis in the Times suggests the clamour for change across Europe may become unstoppable. "Europe's elites are now trembling," it says, "as elections threaten to become a referendum on popular sovereignty versus the European Union".

According to the Sun, Italians have been robbed of the Eurosceptic government they voted for, by a president doing Brussels' dirty work.

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Brexit coins

According to the i, it's "crunch time" for cartoon characters on cereal boxes and junk food.

MPs on the Health and Social Care Committee apparently want to ban characters like Tony the Tiger, the Honey Monster and even the Milky Bar Kid, because of the childhood obesity crisis.

The Times says it can reveal that gang members are to be treated like terrorism suspects to stop murderous feuds encouraged by YouTube videos.

A senior officer tells the paper measures would mean officers no longer needed to prove posts were linked to specific acts of violence to secure a conviction for incitement to violence.

The Sun says it can reveal that the Treasury is backing a series of coins to commemorate Brexit. Plans have apparently been sent to an advisory committee at the Royal Mint.

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"Like it or not," says the Sun, "Brexit Day next March will be a historic moment - a new series of commemorative coins is a great idea."

The Daily Mirror has a picture of an eight-year-old boy holding up what's described as "a list of things I must see before I go blind".

Fred Howe, from Haxby, in North Yorkshire, has a degenerative disease which means he will lose his sight completely.

The youngster's list includes going up the Eiffel Tower, high-fiving Mickey Mouse, being a zoo-keeper for a day and meeting a Bavarian Mountain Owl. And more than anything, he wants to see his mum and dad, who have been engaged for 10 years, get married.

'Bit like rhubarb'

More than four million calls to HMRC went unanswered in the last year, according to the lead in the Daily Telegraph.

The paper says the problem is actually even worse, as the figures do not include callers who just got an engaged tone.

"If the state insists on making things ridiculously complicated it ought to make it easy to get help," the Telegraph says in an editorial.

The Times reports a solution to the problem of Japanese knotweed.

The former Gardeners' World presenter Alys Fowler told the Hay Festival: "It's delicious, in Japan it's a delicacy - eat it into submission".

It is said to taste a bit like rhubarb. "Perfect with a spot of cream this summer," says the Daily Telegraph.

Finally, former World Number 1 Serena Williams is pictured on the front page of the Guardian after she wore a black "superhero" catsuit on her Grand Slam return following the birth of her daughter.

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The Daily Telegraph says "Serena is back, dressed for success".

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