Newspaper headlines: Rudd 'on the brink' and 'history' in Korea

By BBC News


A number of Saturday's newspapers focus on Home Secretary Amber Rudd's political future.

The Guardian leads on the leaked memo it obtained - and says her insistence she knew nothing about targets for immigration removal "is at risk of unravelling".

And Ms Rudd could be close to losing her job, reports the Daily Telegraph, which talks of her "clinging on" - under the headline "Rudd on the Brink".

The Daily Mirror's editorial accuses the home secretary of "putting ambition ahead of honour" by refusing to resign.

The Daily Express suggests another cabinet member, David Davis, is also on the brink of leaving the government - in what it calls a "Brexit Bombshell".

The paper quotes friends of the Brexit secretary as saying he is "extremely frustrated" about the prime minister's plans to strike a "customs partnership" with the EU.

The government has dismissed the story as "nonsense" and said there was "no one more committed to seeing Brexit through" than Mr Davis.

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image captionA summit involving the leaders of North and South Korea has led to renewed hope for peace on the peninsula

Korean hope

The leaders of North and South Korea are pictured prominently on several front pages after their first summit in 11 years.

The paper's leader column says the pair made "history look easy" but warns that if peacemaking were that simple the Korean peninsula "would not have been divided by armies and razor wire for 65 years".

Caution is also urged by the Mirror, which warns that Mr Kim has made - and broken - promises before.

Car theft 'cover-up'

The Daily Mail leads on what it calls a "car thefts cover-up". It claims top car makers have known about a major security flaw, which allows thieves to hack electronic locking systems, but kept it quiet.

The Mail says Volkswagen won a High Court injunction to prevent details being made public in 2013 - but millions of its cars are still at risk. It also says BMW has admitted that cheap and easily available gadgets can crack its systems.

All the manufacturers tell the paper they take vehicle crime extremely seriously and constantly work to improve security.

The paper says Nicklaus, who has suffered from severe back pain for years, had stem cells taken from his abdomen and inserted in his lower back and is now back playing golf within a week - pain free.

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image captionPhotographer Marcio Cabral has denied he faked the image


Many of the papers show the award-winning nature photograph that judges now believe to be a fake.

It explains that judges have now decided the creature in the moonlit shot, approaching a termite mound, was actually stuffed - and usually on display at a Brazilian national park.

The photographer has denied any fakery, but the Daily Mail, the Mirror and the Sun all go for the same headline - "The Ant-cheater".

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