Newspaper headlines: Fresh Corbyn claims and Katie Price robbed

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Jeremy Corbyn and the ongoing Labour anti-Semitism row leads many of the papers

The anti-Semitism row engulfing Labour occupies many of the Sunday front pages.

The Observer reports that a leading Jewish donor has "ditched" the party, which he says has failed to address "the most blatant acts of anti-Semitism". Sir David Garrard - who has donated about £1.5m since 2003 - tells the paper he no longer feels "any affinity or connection" with the party and that he is no longer even a member. A Labour spokesman tells the paper that Jeremy Corbyn is committed to rooting out anti-Semitism, which has absolutely no place in the party.

Writing in The Mail on Sunday, the Labour MP John Mann says there could be up to 5,000 cases of alleged anti-Semitism which need investigating by the party. He calls for the expulsion from the party of former London Mayor Ken Livingstone, who has faced accusations of anti-Semitism. In its editorial, The Sunday Express also calls for Mr Livingstone to be expelled - arguing it would "show the party was taking the shameful situation seriously".

Most of the papers are united in criticising Mr Corbyn's response to the anti-Semitism row within the party. In its editorial, The Sunday Times says the mire in which Mr Corbyn currently finds himself is "entirely self-inflicted" - caused by "the company he has long kept in the far-left swamplands". It goes on to decry his "weakness, ineptitude and complicity", which it says have led the opposition to its current "sorry state". The Observer editorial says "only action, not words, can purge this evil from Labour."

According to the Mail on Sunday, Mr Corbyn is "facing a revolt" on another front - this time from female MPs who claim the party failed to take action against an MP accused of repeatedly assaulting his wife. The paper says allegations against the MP - who it doesn't name - were reported to the party's HQ, but that officials failed to take action. Labour says it has not received a formal complaint, but takes the allegations "extremely seriously" and is doing all it can to investigate.

The Sunday Telegraph reports an activist accused of repeatedly publishing anti-Semitic tropes has been selected as one of the party's candidates in next month's council elections. The newspaper says Sameh Habeeb, who founded and edited The Palestine Telegraph which has been criticised for publishing conspiracy theories about Jews, is being put forward as a Labour council candidate in Northwood, north-west London. Mr Habeeb tells the paper claims that he is anti-Semitic have "no credibility whatsoever".

But the paper leads on a story reporting that almost half the board members of the Electoral Commission have made public statements criticising pro-Brexit campaigns or calling for the EU referendum result to be overturned, in spite of impartiality rules. A spokesman tells the paper that commissioners do not have a role in investigatory procedures and decisions.

There are many tributes to the first British soldier killed fighting the Islamic State group in Syria. "Face of a hero" is the headline in The Sun on Sunday, above a photograph of Sgt Matt Tonroe. The Daily Star says he had been working with the US Seal Team 6, the American unit that killed Osama bin Laden. The paper says it is understood they had been on the trail of a senior IS commander.

On the centenary of the RAF'S formation, The Sunday Express reports that its entire fleet of Tornado fighter jets is being withdrawn from the frontline. The paper says the famous bombers, which are still in action in the skies above Syria, will be phased out to save money. The planes are being replaced by F-35Bs - supersonic jets equipped with advanced computers.

April Fool's anyone?

A keen eye is needed when reading the papers this morning, with the usual dose of seasonal spoofs on the first day of April.

Among them is a story in The Sun on Sunday, which claims the wife of the footballer Jamie Vardy has been taking goalkeeping lessons.

The Sunday Telegraph claims the EU has approved plans for a new royal yacht, which will ferry important European figures across the world to negotiate post-Brexit trade deals.

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In another red herring, The Mail On Sunday claims Prince Harry will spend his stag do at a "spiritual yurt retreat" in west Wales - where guests are treated to a macrobiotic diet, daily yoga and pre-dawn Celtic chanting.