Newspaper headlines: 'Sexists and the city' club closes

Nadhim Zahawi
Image caption Nadhim Zahawi said he went to the gala at the Dorchester Hotel but left early because he felt uncomfortable

There is much coverage of the closure of The Presidents Club in Thursday's papers, after allegations of groping at its men-only charity event.

Following up its scoop, the Financial Times says Theresa May is under pressure to sack families and children minister Nadhim Zahawi for attending.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Mr Zahawi's claim around what time he left the dinner has been disputed.

The paper also says there are questions about whether he has broken the new ministerial code governing discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour.

The Sun calls the fundraiser a "Sleaze Ball", whilst the Metro uses the headline: "Sexists and the city".

Swiss forum

There is also a focus on Davos in the papers and online as the World Economic Forum begins.

The Bloomberg website interprets speeches yesterday by the leaders of France, Germany and Italy in support of free trade as repudiations of the Donald Trump doctrine.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph says the cosiness of the Swiss ski resort is about to be "shattered" by the American president's arrival.

It calls on Theresa May to side with the free-traders when she makes her remarks on Thursday afternoon.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption President Trump has left the White House to head for Davos

The website Quartz raises the prospect of some attendees walking out during President Trump's speech in protest against coarse language he is alleged to have used about African countries.

The idea has been mooted in an open letter by a senior South African business leader, who is attending the forum.

The Daily Mirror reports that Piers Morgan has secured the first international TV interview with President Trump - to be filmed on Thursday in Davos and screened over the weekend.

The paper reminds its readers that the two men are old pals, after the Good Morning Britain presenter won Mr Trump's Celebrity Apprentice reality show 10 years ago.

Apparently, President Trump still calls Piers Morgan "champ".

Grenfell miracle

The Daily Mirror also reports that a woman who fled Grenfell Tower has given birth to the disaster's youngest survivor.

Maryam Adam was three months pregnant, and had already suffered two miscarriages, when she escaped from the fourth floor as the fire took hold.

She says baby Mohammed has given her a reason to smile again, whilst the paper says he is "Grenfell's Miracle Baby".

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Morning messages are clogging up India's network, according to the Times

The Times highlights an increasingly popular morning ritual in India that it says is clogging up the country's internet.

Millions of Indians are said to start their days sending and receiving chirpy digital greetings on their smartphones, adorned with colourful pictures such as doves and teapots.

Researchers say the sheer volume of pleasantries means one in three phones in India runs out of memory every day.

Page turner?

The Sun has discovered that a book written by Saddam Hussein is available to buy online for £8.

The novel was written in 2000 and tells the story of a relationship between a ruler of medieval Iraq and a beautiful commoner girl who is violated by a heartless stranger.

The paper notes the plot is thought to symbolise Iraq's relationship with the US.

It was a best seller in Iraq and made part of a school curriculum, despite the fact it features a love scene between a shepherd and a bear.

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