Newspaper headlines: 'Royal own goal' wedding and final clash

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Image caption Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement in November

The clash of dates over the royal wedding and the FA Cup final leads several of Saturday's papers. The Sun has "Match of the Day", while the Telegraph reports: "Harry's big match clashes with cup final".

But the Mail asks: "Did courtiers not realise it would be a clash for millions?" Calling it a "right royal own goal", it says that in the heady excitement of planning for the wedding of the year, perhaps everyone just forgot.

The Sun is more relaxed saying people are gearing up for a party marathon, and that street parties and American tourists will give the economy a huge boost.

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Much of the political coverage is devoted to the decision by EU leaders to clear the way for the next phase of Brexit talks.

The Spectator website says Theresa May's Christmas wish has been granted. Meanwhile, the New Statesman says that whether Mrs May has got to this point by luck or skill, she may need more of one - or both - to head off another crisis in the Conservative party before Brexit is done and dusted.

For the Telegraph, the Brussels summit represented something of a triumph - after many months of tortuous preparation, discussion, negotiation - and no small amount of compromise.

The Guardian says there's only one respect in which Friday's decision should be welcomed - that Britain has not crashed out of the EU without agreement, as the most fanatical Brexiteers would have preferred.

'Rural black spots'

The Telegraph's lead reports figures by the regulator, Ofcom, showing that 82% of properties in rural areas do not receive a 4G signal from any of the major phone networks, compared with 36% in urban areas.

In almost half of homes and businesses in the countryside - the paper adds - the signal is so poor that people are unable to even make calls or send text messages on every major network.

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The Daily Mirror's front page headline is "Despicable". It says private companies and health trusts are making nurses and other NHS workers pay through the nose to leave their cars at or near hospitals in England.

According to the paper, the most expensive in a table compiled by the GMB union was University Hospitals Bristol, where staff pay up to £1,300 a year to park at work.

A spokeswoman for the trust says it provides a free bus service from the station as well as on-site parking and discounted off-site parking for those who need to travel by car.

'Spontaneous combustion'

Several papers report that detectives have been left baffled by the case of how a 70-year-old man burst into flames on a quiet street.

The Daily Mail says they have been unable to find anything at the scene in North London that could have caused the sudden blaze three months ago that killed John Nolan.

According to the Telegraph, some are speculating that the phenomenon known as "spontaneous human combustion" is to blame.

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Finally, eagle-eyed shoppers on the Harrods website thought they had spotted the bargain of the year on Friday - designer handbags worth hundreds of pounds being sold for less than £10.

According to the Times, dozens of people snapped up Aspinall of London bags for as little as £2.12 and another popular bag was available for £8.08.

But the offer was too good to be true. The Times reports that the store emailed customers within half an hour to say it would not be honouring the deal because the decimal point had been put in the wrong place.