Newspaper headlines: 'Weinstein backlash' as more speak out

Cara Delevingne Image copyright AFP
Image caption British model and actress Cara Delevingne says Mr Weinstein tried to kiss her in a hotel room

Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is pictured on several of the front pages once again, as are some of the growing list of women who have alleged that he sexually harassed them.

The Daily Mirror leads on one such account by the British actress Cara Delevingne.

And the Sun claims Mr Weinstein "became obsessed" with Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas.

In a column, the paper's showbiz editor Dan Wootton condemns what he calls a "disgusting conspiracy of silence" engineered to protect Mr Weinstein over the years.

Mr Weinstein strongly denies the allegations against him.

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"Daggers Drawn" is the headline for the Daily Mail - which says Theresa May has slapped down the "treacherous" Chancellor Phillip Hammond for undermining her Brexit strategy.

It says their contrasting remarks about how the UK is preparing for a no-deal Brexit is a sign that relations between the two have plunged into a "deep freeze".

In an editorial, the paper calls on the prime minister to issue an ultimatum to Mr Hammond - stop talking Britain down, or else!

The Daily Express goes further and says if the chancellor cannot accept the referendum result, he really should go.

Image copyright PA

US President Donald Trump is set to meet the Queen next year during an official visit to the UK, says the Times.

The paper reports that diplomats are planning to downgrade the trip from a full-blown state visit, but an audience with the Queen is apparently in the works to mollify Mr Trump, who's said to have asked for a carriage ride down the Mall.

Officially, both Washington and London tell the paper the state visit will go ahead as planned, at some point.

The Mirror believes the only people who will be disappointed by the low-key approach are the sellers of eggs and tomatoes.

The Guardian reports that the Home Office's refusal to issue gender-neutral passports is to be subject to a judicial review.

It is the result of a successful legal challenge by Christie Elan-Cane, who the paper says has campaigned for passports to feature a third option apart from male or female - called X, or unknown - for 25 years.

The Sun leads with a report that Sally Jones - the British Islamic State recruiter nicknamed "the White Widow" - has been killed in a drone strike.

The paper reports that CIA officials told their UK counterparts she was targeted in June, after fleeing the Syrian city of Raqqa.

The Sun says her death has been kept quiet until now because of fears her 12-year-old son also died in the strike.

Chat-friendly seats

And the Daily Telegraph reports that U-shaped seats are being introduced by a bus company in Dorset in an attempt to make passengers speak to each other.

The firm's managing director says while he does not believe he can undo the smart-phone revolution - getting people to look up from their screens and have a chat can only be a good thing.

But the Telegraph is not so sure. The paper believes British travellers instinctively look to the panic alarm if someone sits next to them on a half-empty bus.