Newspaper headlines: Corbyn 'ready to be PM' and Liz Dawn tributes

Events at the Labour Party conference in Brighton continue to dominate many of Wednesday's newspapers.

The impression gained by the Financial Times was of "big talk" and radical attitudes - "if it moves... nationalise it".

While the Sun says Labour has shown that the party is "mad, bad, and dangerous".

Rafael Behr in the Guardian argues that it was "the Brexit revolution" which has given the Corbynites an opportunity to indulge in some "unworldly" utopian views.

The task of negotiating Britain's withdrawal from the EU also features in the papers.

The Daily Express says it is "ludicrous" that the EU has refused to move on to "meaningful discussion of a trade deal".

The Daily Mail did not like the "patronising air" of the European Council president, Donald Tusk, when he met Prime Minister Theresa May. It tells him to "stop sneering, and get down to business".

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The expansion of the Tate St Ives gallery is praised by the Guardian as "a deft feat of engineering".

The paper thinks the extension is "great" but regrets that, seen from the beach, it's less visible than the block of flats behind it.

The Telegraph too gives the building a thumbs up, calling it "polite, self-effacing and one of the most beautiful galleries in the country".

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Image caption Liz Dawn received an MBE for her charity work in 2000

Tributes are paid to Liz Dawn, who played Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street, in the newspapers following her death aged 77.

The Daily Star calls her "our lass" while the Daily Mirror says she was "a true legend" - and in real life "a human hurricane".

The Sun says her acting genius made the "brash and argumentative Vera" into a warm and witty character.

She was the "resident nagging loudmouth" in the soap, says the Daily Telegraph. Liz Dawn gave her "the tongue of a viper and the cry of a corncrake," it adds.

"You're havin' a caff" is the headline on one story in the Sun which reports that a builder was refused service in a café - because he was wearing his work clothes.

It says the incident happened in Islington, north London.