Newspaper headlines: Holby star has 'lost his angel'

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Image caption Shadow chancellor John McDonnell is on the front page of the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail quotes the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, telling a rally in 2013 that parliamentary democracy and elections no longer work - and urging industrial action and "insurrection".

The Mail has put a video of the speech on its website, and says the dictionary definition of insurrection is "violent uprising".

It calls the speech "chilling" and says Mr McDonnell has spent the last three months living up to his words, by appearing at rallies and on picket lines inciting union members to "drive the Tories from office".

A spokesman for Mr McDonnell tells the paper he's spent the summer "meeting with workers across the country who are struggling to get by under a Tory government".

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There are more dramatic pictures of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The Sun has a picture of Royal Marines standing among wreckage in the British Virgin Isles, labelling them "storm troopers".

It says 700 British troops sent to the Caribbean for the relief effort have also found themselves tackling marauding gangs of armed looters - one says he is stopping a looter every 10 minutes.

The Daily Mirror has pictures of what it says are looters in Florida lying face down, handcuffed behind their backs.

The Daily Mail calls it the "anarchy after Irma". It also warns that strong winds are set to batter parts of Britain this week - with gusts of 75mph - as stormy weather races across the Atlantic.

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Image caption A resident navigates flood waters from Hurricane Irma

The BBC has won a battle to ease its public service role, according to the lead in the Daily Telegraph.

The paper says it has learned that, under plans being drawn up by the regulator Ofcom, Radio 4 will no longer be required to broadcast religious services, science shows or art programming.

In fact, it says, 200 requirements will be reduced to just 20. Business, farming, consumer affairs and disability are other issues which will apparently no longer be mandatory.

But a BBC spokesman said there were no plans to change the balance or mix of programmes on Radio 4.

According to The Times, Theresa May has appealed to US President Donald Trump to intervene in a dispute between Boeing and the Canadian plane maker, Bombardier.

The disagreement is said to threaten jobs at a Bombardier factory in Northern Ireland, which employs 4,500 people making wings.

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The Daily Express says official figures released to MPs show that Britain has paid £374 billion to the EU since 1973.

It says Leave campaigners insist the "colossal payment" means Britain should not be forced to pay a divorce fee on leaving the EU.

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According to the Sun, firefighters are to be asked to check people's blood pressure when they visit homes to test smoke alarms.

Five-and-a-half million people in England are said to have high blood pressure without knowing it and it is hoped the move will help prevent 9,000 heart attacks and 15,500 strokes a year - saving the NHS more than £500m annually.

The Daily Telegraph says under the same NHS proposals, it is also being suggested that teachers could carry out blood pressure tests during parents' evenings or at the school gates.

The Daily Mail says there might be machines at schools that let people test their own blood pressure - and possibly at supermarkets too.

According to the Daily Mirror, hospital blunders have hit record levels - something the paper blames on "the worst staffing crisis in the history of the NHS".

Compensation claims soared 72% last year to £29 million, the paper says, according to figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

It calls on Theresa May to give nurses, teachers and all essential workers a decent pay rise.

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Image caption Louella Michie's body was discovered in a wooded area on the edge of the Bestival site

A picture of the daughter of Holby City star John Michie features on many of the front pages.

The former Coronation Street actor told the Sun his daughter's death at Bestival was a "tragic accident".

The 60-year-old said his family had "lost an angel" with the death of 25-year-old Louella Michie.