Newspaper headlines: Barcelona shooting, and Bake Off returns

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Paul Hollywood will return as the show moves to Channel 4, joined by Prue Leith and Noel Fielding

The revamped Great British Bake Off is back next week and a press preview makes headlines across Tuesday's newspapers.

The Sun's lead story complains that it will be packed more tightly with ads than any show in Channel 4's history.

According to the newspaper, there will be four breaks lasting nearly 17 minutes. But Prue Leith - who replaces Mary Berry as one of the judges - has caused a stir after advising viewers on how to avoid the interruptions.

The Daily Telegraph says that when she appeared before the media on Monday, she cheerfully torpedoed Channel 4's hopes of persuading as many viewers as possible to tune in to Bake Off at 20:00 BST next Tuesday.

Instead, she advised fans to record the show and watch it later, fast-forwarding through the advertising.

The Daily Mail says Ms Leith left Channel 4 executives feeling as deflated as a badly-cooked soufflé.

Barcelona terror attack

"We've got him", is the headline in the Daily Mirror after the shooting of the Barcelona terror suspect Younes Abouyaaqoub.

The newspaper reports how the 22-year-old, who is thought to have driven the van that killed 13 people on the city's Las Ramblas, was tracked down in a small town wearing a fake explosive vest.

He was said to have shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is greatest) before police opened fire.

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Millions watched the eclipse over the US on Monday

Life came to a halt for millions of people in the US on Monday as they took time out to witness the first solar eclipse to sweep from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic in almost a century.

Pictures of onlookers viewing the spectacle with their eclipse glasses feature widely.

The i says the temperature dropped, birds quietened and the stars came out in the middle of the day, while the Guardian described it as the greatest show on Earth - and one that dazzled the US.

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President Trump spoke about his plans during a speech in Fort Myer, Virginia

President Trump's plans to deploy more troops to Afghanistan makes the lead for the Times - which says Washington is putting pressure on the UK and other Nato members to do the same.

According to the newspaper, senior diplomatic sources said the White House was pushing Theresa May to increase the nearly 600 UK troops based there.

A source is quoted as saying: "Britain, as one of the big military players in the alliance, is expected to back the US with additional troops, but the pressure is on everyone in the alliance."

High Street banks axed

The Daily Mail's lead story reports that High Street banks are shutting more than 10 branches a week in a wave of nationwide closures.

It says figures compiled by the paper and the consumer group Which? show that more than 550 outlets are being axed this year.

This is on top of more than 1,000 branches that were shut in the previous two years, it adds.

The paper says the banks insist they are just following their customers, who have moved online in droves.

"Keep fit to get money off weekly shopping" is the Daily Telegraph's main headline.

It says families could get discounts on their supermarket shopping, free cinema tickets or cut-price gym memberships if they hit weekly exercise targets.

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The NHS trial will take place in new towns across England

The initiative is part of efforts by NHS England to drive out couch potato lifestyles and reward those who try to shape up, the paper reports.

The scheme is to be piloted in a number of new towns.