Newspaper headlines: May 'clings on' with 'coalition of crackpots'

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Saturday's papers will do little to lighten the mood in Downing Street.

The Guardian pictures a sombre-looking Theresa May entering No 10 under the headline: "From hubris to humiliation."

"May stares into the abyss" says the Times, while the Financial Times talks of her clinging on to power as pro-EU Tories prepare to pounce.

She is also "clinging on" in the Daily Express in order to "save Brexit", while the Daily Star tells readers: "Teflon Tezza toughs it out".

The Daily Telegraph has her "fighting to remain PM" amid concerns among senior Conservatives that she lacks the authority to negotiate a successful exit from Europe.

"Tories turn on Theresa", says the Daily Mail. The newspaper talks of "reshuffle mayhem" with the party "plunged into civil war". Tory MPs want her out in months, it says, and they insist she dumps her advisers now.

The Sun calls Mrs May a "lame duck PM". The newspaper says Tory chiefs have given her a stay of execution amid fears a bitter leadership contest could make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister.

But she is "mortally wounded", it says, with her "authority in pieces" and she will have to go after Christmas - within 12 months at the most.

'The odd coupling'

The Daily Mirror says "the knives are out" for the PM. And it dismisses her link-up with what it calls the "hard right, anti-gay DUP" as a "coalition of crackpots".

The Sun has a picture of Theresa May with the DUP leader, Arlene Foster, under the headline: "The odd coupling".

The editor of the i, Oliver Duff, writes: "In a reversal of fortunes, Arlene Foster can entertain herself with the idea of imposing direct rule on Westminster from Stormont."

But Mrs May is not the only party leader whose future is in doubt, according to the Daily Telegraph. It reports that Liberal Democrat "big beasts" who reclaimed their former seats are being urged to mount a challenge against Tim Farron.

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Image caption Tim Farron may face a bigger challenge than Mr Fish Finger

Former ministers Sir Vince Cable and Jo Swinson are apparently being touted as potential candidates amid what are said to be fears that the current Lib Dem leader "lacks vision and drive".

One leader smiling in all the papers is Jeremy Corbyn. According to the Daily Mirror, the veteran socialist was "vindicated by a brilliant campaign", which means Labour's shift to the left under his leadership may now be permanent.

Columnist Kevin Maguire calls him "the accidental hero" who could yet find himself in No 10, while in the Daily Mail, Peter Oborne says Mr Corbyn's new brand of politics has put Labour modernisers out of business for good.

And the Sun highlights the difference between Mr Corbyn and Mrs May, with a picture of the prime minister looking glum outside No 10, captioned "the winner", and a beaming Labour leader giving a double thumbs up, captioned "the loser".

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Image caption It is smiles all round for Jeremy Corbyn and his team

Another happy face is that of the Scottish Conservative leader, Ruth Davidson. With talk of a leadership contest already under way, says the Times, many Tories would love her to be in the mix.

The Daily Express hails her as "the woman who delivered results". And the Daily Telegraph says there is a growing clamour among senior Tories for Ms Davidson to be given a top position in the UK party.

But, it says, she intends to defy Mrs May by breaking the Scottish Conservatives off into a separate organisation.