Newspaper headlines: 'Plot' in KFC and British shark attack

UK newspaper mastheads

Political coverage and commentary takes up most of the front pages. The BBC, along with other broadcasters, is not allowed to report details of campaigning while the polls are open.

Away from the election, many of the papers continue to feature reports on the London Bridge attacks. The Daily Telegraph focuses on a KFC restaurant in Barking where one of the attackers - Khuram Butt - worked as an office manager.

The paper says another - Youseff Zagbha - is believed to have been employed there at the same time - while the third - Rachid Redouane - was a regular customer.

The Telegraph speculates that the attack may have been plotted there, and predicts the restaurant will now become a key feature of the police investigation.

The Mirror carries an apology from Transport for London (TfL), after parking wardens slapped tickets on cars at Borough Market as soon as the police cordon was lifted.

The owners of at least six cars were issued with fines of £130, according to the paper. A TfL spokesman acknowledged the tickets were "an insensitive mistake" and pledged to cancel the penalties.

Jaws in Devon

A warm reunion between Prince Harry and the 97-year-old widow of a Victoria Cross recipient is shown in the Daily Express.

Daphne Dunne planted a kiss on the Prince's cheek when he visited Sydney in 2015, when he approached her after spotting her wearing the medal. The Express says she waited in torrential rain to see him again, with a kiss on her other cheek as a reward.

The Times says reports of King Edward II's grisly and excruciating death may have been greatly exaggerated.

The 14th-century monarch is commonly held to have murdered with a red-hot poker after being deposed, following defeat at the Battle of Bannockburn. But documents have been produced suggesting he may have escaped to Italy.

The Daily Mail tells the story of what it calls a "very British shark attack". Rich Thomson was surfing off the Devon coast when what was thought to have been a smooth hound shark - three feet long - bit his thigh.

He bashed it on the head and it swam off, leaving him with a badly cut hand and a bruised leg.

Experts tell the Mail that it is the first time a surfer has ever been attacked by a shark in British waters - a fact that did not impress Mr Thomson's wife. On returning home late, Mr Thomson explained he had been bitten by a shark. "I've heard that one before", she replied.

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