Newspaper headlines: President Trump's 'message to the world'

The papers are dominated by coverage of the US presidential inauguration - with every front page featuring a picture of Donald Trump.

Mr Trump, says the Times, unveiled a new era - but it notes that the imagery was unusually dark for an inaugural address, with the president describing crime-ridden inner cities, catastrophic levels of drug addiction, and rusted-out factories.

The Daily Mirror describes it as a "chilling inaugural speech" in which Mr Trump vowed to put the United States first - "and to hell with every other country".

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The Daily Mail says it was an incendiary speech, that both electrified and divided his nation.

It points out the the new president had been expected to finally go easy on the vitriol and enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the event. But it says he used the speech to fire both barrels at the political establishment.

In the view of the Financial Times, the new president made a defiant and uncompromising address, in which he promised to revive the country with an aggressive rejection of globalisation. The paper says his inauguration marked the end of an incredible journey that was propelled by a groundswell of populism.

The Sun says more than a billion people watched the swearing in of the new president on TV, with 900,000 spectators on the National Mall in Washington to witness Mr Trump give a thumbs up and fist pump. However the paper notes that the crowd in Washington was only half of that which saw Barack Obama become the first black president in 2009.

Writing in the Guardian, Gary Younge says there was no higher calling, no sense of a greater purpose, and no impassioned idealism. He describes the first words of Mr Trump's presidency as a "crude and unapologetic appeal to nationalism".

In the i, Michael Day describes the address as "lousy" and says "it hardly made the heart soar".

'Profound change'

The editorials have mixed messages for President Trump.

The Sun says that now he is in the Oval Office, he may be stunned by the complexity of many of the problems he faces. It notes that plenty of people will write him off - but says that President Reagan was written off too - before he changed the world.

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The Daily Mail claims his speech was "truly astonishing" - as he tore up the rule book and delivered an inauguration address unlike any heard before.

The Daily Express asserts that the progressive left-leaning programme, which seemed woven into Western democracy, is now being unravelled. It says this is a profound change, which will affect us all.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the inaugural address was what Mr Trump's supporters had gathered in their thousands to hear. But it says that for outsiders, it was an unsettling speech that seemed to presage the emergence of an inward-looking, isolationist America.

The Daily Mirror says the US and the rest of the world should be "very afraid" following what it describes as the new president's "rambling, pugnacious and protectionist speech".

The Guardian is equally horrified, saying his America First nationalism was both "crude and shameless". It concludes the reality of a Trump presidency is a "terrifying prospect".

'Funeral like'

A number of papers also leave space to comment on the person whose day it could have been: Hillary Clinton.

The Daily Mail says protocol demanded she attended the inauguration with her husband - and her solemn face showed the strain as she arrived at the US Capitol.

The Daily Express observes the former first lady looked more like she was attending a funeral.

For the Guardian, Mrs Clinton stood stoically as chants of "lock her up" emanated from the crowd. However, on a more positive note, it adds that she left the ceremony waving to supporters and smiling broadly.

First Lady 'dazzles'

Finally - despite their disagreements about President Trump - the papers all seem united on one point.

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The Daily Mirror,Daily Express and the Sun all declare that the stand-out person at Friday's events was the new First Lady, Melania Trump.

Many commentators, including the fashion director of the Daily Telegraph, compare her to Jackie Kennedy.

The Guardian says she wore a sleek ice blue dress and jacket, which was custom-made by US designer Ralph Lauren.

For the Daily Mail, she did not put a foot wrong, describing her as the "dazzling new First Lady".