Newspaper review: 'Goodnight Princess' and diabetes fears

Carrie Fisher with her co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill Image copyright 20th Century Fox via Associated Press
Image caption Carrie Fisher with her co-stars Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, who have both paid tribute to the actress

The face of the Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher looks out from most of the front pages, following her death in Los Angeles.

Most of the newspapers use exactly the same photograph; Fisher dressed as Princess Leia, sporting a blaster pistol. But a raft of pictures of the 60-year-old, who died on Tuesday, have been shared by fans.

The Independent sums up her career as an actor and writer with the headline "From space princess to playful critic of Hollywood".

Some of the other front pages might cause readers of a certain age to choke on their festive mince pies.

The Daily Mail calls the situation which sparked a warning by health officials in England that most middle-aged people are overweight, lazy, or drink too much a "health curse".

The headline in the Times says people aged 40-60 are "in denial" about their weight and the amount of alcohol they consume.

The Mail has more bad news for people of all ages. It highlights research from the London School of Economics, which says guidelines about the recommended number of calories we should eat every day ought to be "slashed".

Image copyright PA
Image caption A number of health stories about the amount adults drink have made Wednesday's papers

That is because the current advice was drawn up a century ago, when adults were more active - walking to work, and visiting friends in person. As lifestyles have become increasingly sedentary, the paper says, our calorie intake has stayed the same.

The author of the study has some simple advice: "We should all eat less."

When it comes to binge drinking, the Guardian says women are portrayed more negatively than men by the media.

It quotes research compiled by academics in Glasgow which says women are unfairly stigmatised, and typically presented as "haggard, vulnerable, socially transgressive and a burden to male drinking companions".

The researchers say that while men are more likely to die from alcohol-related causes, the media have a "disproportionate focus" on women drinkers.

It's all about the money

According to an academic study featured in the Financial Times, the link between high executive pay and good performance is "negligible".

The paper says the report will give reformers fresh evidence that a shake-up of Britain's "corporate remuneration systems" is overdue.

It also says chief executive pay has risen by more than 80% over the past 10 years.

In another salary story, the Daily Mirror reports that George Osborne is the highest-paid MP in the House of Commons.

The former chancellor bagged £627,891 this year - more than the Prime Minister - thanks to fees for private speeches after he lost his cabinet post.

Another 13 MPs earned more than Theresa May, including Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg.

But the PM could be facing a bigger issue than her bank balance if she does not give the House of Lords a vote over Brexit, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Campaigner Gina Miller, who challenged a government decision to stop MPs giving approval to launching Article 50, has threatened to launch another challenge if the Lords do not get to have the same debate.

Russian submarines are active in UK waters, according to the front page of the i.

Image copyright MOD
Image caption HMS Kent escorted Russian submarines in the North Sea earlier this year

The newspaper has a two-page special report claiming that forces personnel are struggling to monitor increased Russian patrols near the British coastline.

It also says Moscow is "flexing its muscles and trying to spy on UK's Trident nuclear deterrent subs".

The Daily Express and Daily Star both feature the celebrity chef, John Torode, who was hurt in what they describe as a "mystery accident" while staying at a hotel in London.

His girlfriend - the actress, Lisa Faulkner - tells the Star that Torode is "lucky to be alive".

Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond has received a cold response over comments about ice cream being for gay men, reports the Daily Mirror.

The newspaper says the TV star has been accused of "bigoted banter" after the comments which he made to Jeremy Clarkson on their new show The Grand Tour.