Newspaper review: Clinton probe dominates front pages

The fallout from the new FBI investigation into emails relating to Hillary Clinton continues to dominate the broadsheets.

The Sunday Telegraph says US Attorney General Loretta Lynch advised FBI director James Comey not to send the letter to Congress announcing his inquiry, while officials from the Justice Department warned him he would be operating against standard procedure.

The paper adds that it "threw the whole election campaign into chaos".

Simon Tisdall, writing in the Observer, believes Mr Comey's move "is either extremely naive or extremely cynical", and that his decision to "tip his hand at this extraordinarily sensitive moment amounts to an overtly political, partisan act".

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For the Sunday Times, his announcement has prompted a declaration of war by the Clinton camp.

Columnist Sarah Baxter alludes to the fact the emails emerged during an investigation into sexually explicit messages sent by Anthony Weiner, the husband of Mrs Clinton's closest aide.

She asks: "Is there no end to the trouble the sex lives of Hillary's men have caused her? But concludes: "She is the only one who can sort out this mess."

Eye-catching headlines

  • Wet wipe makers to clean up act as lethal fibres pollute seas: Billions of wet wipes, used for taking off make-up, freshening babies' bottoms and other hygienic purposes, are to be relabelled with prominent warnings not to flush them down lavatories after scientists found they are polluting rivers, lakes and the sea with tiny plastic fibres Sunday Times
  • As you've never seen him, the "touchy-feely" duke: A new Netflix drama about the life of the young Queen will cast the Duke of Edinburgh in a new light, portraying him as a doting parent far from being an "unfeeling father" as many still think of him Sunday Telegraph
  • How a novice writer's first-ever screenplay inspired Idris Elba to take the starring role: As a quantity surveyor and property developer Leon Butler had no connections with the film and television world, yet his first screenplay inspired Idris Elba, the star of crime series Luther and The Wire, to waive his usual fee to both star in and produce the film Observer

Brexit briefly

"Don't bodge a Brexit Budget" is the headline in the Sun on Sunday, as it reports that Chancellor Philip Hammond has been warned by cabinet colleagues not to "spread pre-Brexit panic with a heavy-handed" approach to his Autumn Statement.

The paper says MPs, led by Leave supporter Liam Fox, fear Mr Hammond will set out a "revenge Budget" and are revolting against too much stimulus.

The Sunday Telegraph cites a report by Eurosceptic group Change Britain that concludes that the UK can secure trade deals worth twice the amount of those signed by the EU if it adopts a more extreme form of Brexit.

The group says Britain could do business with 14 countries with economies totalling £17tn if it opts out of the customs union.

Cycling controversy

The former head of British Cycling, Shane Sutton, tells the Sunday Telegraph there is "no way back" for him at the sport's national governing body after it upheld a claim he discriminated against a female athlete.

Mr Sutton maintains his innocence and says he has requested to see the evidence that led the board to make its ruling.

He adds that he is "actively involved" in talks about joining another country's cycling programme, and hints that he may try to entice some of his former coaching team to join him.

Television 'fury'

The Mail on Sunday claims parents have reacted angrily to an online BBC show for children that details how an 11-year-old transgender child took drugs to halt the onset of puberty - and allow for future sex-change surgery.

Users of the Mumsnet website, along with Conservative MPs Peter Bone and Julian Brazier, are said to have condemned the programme as "inappropriate".

The BBC responds that it has had a "positive response" from its audience.

Royal romance?

In what both papers term a "world exclusive", the Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday carry the same story revealing that Prince Harry has a new woman in his life - an American actress named Meghan Markle.

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The prince is said to have met the TV star while promoting his Invictus Games in Canada.

The papers claim that he is "besotted" with her, and that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge like her.