Newspaper headlines: Parliament refit plan and grammar schools row

Before anything concrete is known about possible plans for more grammar schools, the battle lines are forming.

The Guardian warns Prime Minister Theresa May that the policy "risks disaster."

The paper's headline reflects the concern of the chairman of the Social Mobility Commission, Alan Milburn, a former Labour minister.

He rejects the view that grammars offer a path out of poverty for clever children from disadvantaged homes.

On the other side of the argument, under the headline "Hypocrites!", the Daily Mail points out how many of "Labour's high command" went to grammars themselves, or send their children to them.

The Sun declares itself "all for the return of grammar schools" - but only if they "work for all".

It says the surviving grammars are "magnets for middle-class parents" - and calls for safeguards "to ensure grammars take as many bright kids from poor families".

All the papers think it was a social faux pas when Mike Ashley of Sports Direct produced a bundle of £50 notes during a security search - but they express their disdain in different ways.

The headline in the Daily Mirror is "shut your mouth and look at my wad".

The Guardian, remembering the same routine by Harry Enfield, calls the businessman Loadsamoney.

The i talks of him flashing "cash, not class". "Dough!" says the Sun, "wad a moron".

The Times simply mutters "Oops". "No minimum wage for me!" comments the Mail.

The Daily Express pays tribute to Monica Bulman, a nurse who has been working for the NHS since 1952.

The paper thinks that makes her the country's longest-serving nurse as well as, at 83, the oldest.

She tells the Times she loves her job and has no plans to retire. But she does admit that she prefers the old nursing uniforms - saying they were "much more glamorous".

According to the Daily Telegraph, a piece of social research suggests that women who have their eggs frozen do so because many men are too "feckless" to start a family with.

Kylie Baldwin, the sociologist who did the study, says none of the women she had spoken to took the decision for career reasons.

The Mail says it is not so much the ticking of the biological clock, it is the lack of a suitable partner, unstable job markets and soaring property prices.

The paper's headline is: "Women are freezing their eggs while they wait for Mr Right."

When dogs appear in the news it is usually to be praised for their cleverness - like Smurf the Jack Russell who can, according to the Sun, perform "an amazing 32 tricks in one minute".

Or it is when, like Winston the bulldog, they do something funny in public. Winston, says the Times, showed "a distinct lack deference to royalty" when he was introduced to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Not understanding protocol, says the Mail, he "put his head up her skirt".

"Fortunately," says the Express, she giggled and remarked "typical dog."